We are almost done with the year and here I am before you to present the list of all the beauty products that were a hit in the year. Below in this article, you will find out smarter-than-ever stylers, phenomenal foundation, concealer, beauty creams, blushers, eyeliner etc. Makeup made for playing and the list of the beauty products is from the most famous fashion brands. Even if we talk about the most basic daily rudiments those are also getting a new and improved upgrade. So keep scrolling and discover all the new beauty product launches we think are well worth getting your hands on. Try out all the wide variety of these beauty products and you can make your own statement by wearing these adorable items which will accentuate your overall look and will make you look stunning all the time. The idea is always to choose the right brand of beauty products and it plays a very important role also keeping your skin in mind. Most of the women have a very sensitive skin and we all want to look after it well. So, the decision is all yours that if you want to spend on some quality makeup or not?

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I am sure as a woman when it comes to shopping we all get excited but have you shopped for makeup products and been besieged with the range of choice in front of you. I know sometimes it was almost impossible for me to pick one from the lot. With the arrival of countless makeup brands in the market, for all of us, it has become a lot more puzzling to choose between them. It’s okay now! You just don’t need to stress out yourself anymore because here in this article we have compiled a list of the 15 best beauty makeup products that are doing so well at the moment with their innovative features.

This is for all the newbie, I am sure that all of you might be having a lot of questions. You will be able to solve your entire questions by reading this article. It will make you aware of all the best beauty products that are in trend.

In this article, we have a list of makeup products that are affordably priced. We also have a few high-quality products on the list that are quite expensive but are amazing to try out!

1. Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick shade:

Mac ruby woo Lipstick shade: beauty product in 2018

Weather the lipstick is Matt or glossy, deep or bright but a lock of red lipstick can always update your look promptly and all of us have their own perception on which is the decisive hue. Shades like MAC’s high-impact Ruby Woo are one of the preferred and loved among all the frequent lipstick wearers. This Mac Ruby Woo is one of the favorite color lipsticks, adored by almost every girl. In short, this is one lipstick shade that goes well with every skin tone and by applying this shade you will feel little bolder than before and it will definitely make you stand out in public.

2. Lakme absolute illuminating highlighter:

Lakme absolute illuminating highlighter: beauty product in 2018

Along with your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, beneath the brow bone or at the inner corners of your eyes one of the best highlighters is the perfect way to add little radiance to your skin tone and boost the natural structure of your face with just a little-added light. Whether you desire to get the glow on your skin through powder, stick, cream or fluid formulations, Lakme absolute illuminating Highlighter is the best on the market. Just make sure to remember the golden rule of strobing and apply the product to the parts of the face which is in direct and natural contact with light. Choose from the best highlighters keeping your skin texture in mind. Also, this is one of the best highlighter plus blush for the perfect glow in the market. A must-try!

3. Mac Liquid Eyeliner:

Mac Liquid Eyeliner: beauty product in 2018

Fashion Trends come and go, but a delicate flick of liquid eyeliner is never out of fashion and will always rock the look. No wonder it has stayed a style staple since ages, adored by almost every woman from celebrities to a common girl. The important factors are always to keep in mind to master the right technique.  Run the liner along the top of the lashes, kicking out only when you reach the outer corner of the eye and the next important thing is to find a formula and applicator that suits you best. From long-wearing gel liners to easy-to-use felt tips, find your perfect fit with Mac Liquid liner and get yourself in front of the mirror for practice. Just to make it exactly perfect you have to match both the sides same and you are good to go.

MAC’s much-adored Liquidlast Liner has a great, budge-proof formula – seriously, remember you will need a good eye makeup remover to get it off and this eyeliner is available in a truly amazing range of colors.

4. Glossier stretch concealer:

Glossier stretch concealer: beauty product in 2018

Pigmentation, Blemishes, under-eye circles, unsightly marks etc but the right concealers are true beauty heroes in hiding all your imperfections easily. Whether you need subtle, sheer coverage with a brightening finish or a more heavy-duty camouflage effect for those particularly trying early mornings, concealer is such an important makeup product which is a must have for all the women in their makeup kit, and it’s easy to see why. Concealer is like a magic eraser for our face, it will hide all those unwanted marks off your face and will make your skin glow flawlessly.

Elastic micro-waxes mean that Glossier’s Stretch Concealer never settles into fine lines and it will not make your face look like a cake, whilst the oil-packed formula gives it a dewy finish. This glossier concealer is perfect for subtle, natural-looking coverage.

5. Chanel best primer:

Chanel best primer: beauty product in 2018

The best primers are as important as a perfect outfit for your body which will make you look attractive. They smooth, flatter, conceal and hold things in place so that whatever you are going to put on top of them look perfectly blended and better. Whether you want to blur wrinkles, mattify, minimize the appearance of pores or even out skin tone, primers do this all and help in creating a perfect base for make-up and let it keep stay for a longer period of time. The perfect primer can be compared to photo-editing filters and they act like a photo editing filters for your face. Yes, it might take an extra minute from your daily morning beauty routine, but definitely worth that extra time because it is much better than your makeup sliding off by noon and primer will help it stay until the end of the day. And wouldn’t you consider that a minute well spent? Once you start using one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Chanel’s Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base manages to mattify skin whilst also providing a flawless glow without the slightest hint of glitter as well it helps in evening out your discolored areas of the face.

6. Giorgio Armani foundation:

Giorgio Armani foundation: beauty product in 2018

If you are looking for the perfect foundation but it seems to be an impossible task. Do you want full coverage or light coverage? Mattifying or dewy?  Here, we have a solution to all your questions and we will help you to find your perfect shade match amongst the millions of product available in the market. If you have the right fit, it is a true game-changer. The right foundation acts as a canvas for the rest of your makeup, concealing imperfections, unifying skin tone and creating a flawless finish. From Giorgio Armani’s barely-there Maestro to Fenty Beauty’s full-coverage Pro Filt’r, there’s a foundation which compliments all the skin tone and textures, this will also explain why so many of them have achieved blockbuster status. This foundation willgive you the most beautiful results, it is long lasting and will meet the needs of women with a wide variety of skin types, colours, and concerns.

This is one of the favorites of all the women in the industry. This lightweight formula blends easily and dries matte. It is perfect for oily skin types and those looking for sheer coverage – it’s pretty difficult to overdo it with this one.

7. Chanel Bronzer:

Chanel Bronzer: beauty product in 2018

Bronzer is one of the favorite beauty products of all the makeup lovers. It is the perfect solution whether you want to add a little radiance to your complexion, enhance a natural tan or create definition with a little clever contouring – just rub on and watch your face transform from lackluster to luminous. Try applying to the parts of the face which you want to highlight more and which will be in natural contact with the light, or use as a base-style bronzer beneath your make-up for all-over radiance. It is for those who like to put bronzer with a creamy texture; Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Make–Up Base offers blendable, velvety bronzing either beneath or on top of make-up. Plus, the tub is enormous and will last you for months.

8. Loreal Paris CC Cream:

Loreal Paris CC Cream: beauty product in 2018

You all must be wondering what is BB and CC stands for BB stood for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, CC represents Complexion Corrector or Colour Corrector. Like BB creams they have hydrating properties, SPF protection, and semi-sheer coverage, but it will add the benefit of color-correcting technology to improve redness, dullness, sallowness, ashiness and more. Yes, some CC creams seem to be little more than tinted moisturisers, but the best part about the CC Creams is that they act as a foundation and concealer and it will also help to hide all your skin breakout and imperfections without a heavy finish or oily texture – those are the ones filling the gap in our make-up bags.

Don’t be anxious by the green color of L’Oréal Paris’s anti-redness CC cream, it works by neutralizing the skin tone using color-correcting particles. The brand also has anti-fatigue and anti-dullness formulas – apricot and lilac respectively.

9. Bobby Brown corrector:

Bobby Brown corrector: beauty product in 2018

Bobbi Brown has made its entry in the market recently and we are surprised by its perfections! This prestigious global beauty brand was founded in 1991 in New York by the makeup artist-turned-entrepreneur Bobbi Brown herself. The company was taken over in 1995 by Estee-Lauder because of its massive success. The high-end makeup brand offers unbending quality when it comes to their implausible range of products. An interesting fact about the bobby brown is that they have 2 long-wear gel eyeliners that are sold globally every minute. It’s been almost 25 years since it started and as of today, the brand sells more than 23 million products in a year with stores in 73 countries. The creamy texture corrector will just slide smoothly across your skin and gives you a flawless, perfect complexion.

10. Avon gel nail Polish:

Avon gel nail Polish: beauty product in 2018

This is again very popular in the list of 15 best beauty products 2019. This is available in over 100 countries. They have a wide variety of astonishing products from mascaras to lipsticks. in addition to cosmetics, they also make fragrances, skin care, and hair care products. This brand was founded in 1886! Time and again, this innovative brand has led the industry in coming up with breakthrough award-winning products. According to the brands’ claims, their lipsticks are so fast-moving that they sell four every second. If you’re lost about what products to choose then let us help you out? You can choose an Avon gel nail polish from the brand which will give you the prettiest shade and a salon like finish to your nails.

11. Clinique super Powder double face powder:

Clinique super Powder double face powder: beauty product in 2018

You want to choose the product which is extremely gentle to your skin tone. And if you have a super sensitive and gentle skin which will create a problem by using harsh products than Clinique comes to the rescue. It is one of the biggest skin care and cosmetic brands in the world and their stores are across 135 countries all over. Their products are 100% allergen-free as well as fragrance-free. This high-end brand has the specialization in skin care and cosmetics. They have some great non-comedogenic makeup products. But, just one thing is that they are a bit expensive. But let me tell you that this brand is giving you the free consultation on the product you want to review at every store. They also do this online, on their website. Isn’t that awesome?

This is a combination of both the powder and foundation in one compact. Great coverage and you don’t have to worry about your skin getting cakey because it’s super lightweight.

12. Dermalogica sound sleep Cocoon:

Dermalogica sound sleep Cocoon: beauty product in 2018

When you are struggling for the beauty sleep and if it is hard to come by, but this new night gel-cream. Motion-activated technology releases calming essential oils as you toss and turn, it will help to soothe you to sleep and allowing the line-up of active ingredients to do their job, revitalizing your skin while you snooze.

13. Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse:

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse: beauty product in 2018

The next in the list of top 15 best beauty products 2019 is Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse. It is more attractive because of its round packaging. The following features will make this product more attractive:-

It has a mousse texture which is light weighted and provides your skin silky smooth texture. The coverage is light to medium. If you apply the product it settles to a matte finish. It has a power of long lasting and keeps you fresh all day long. Evens out the skin tone and makes your skin look naturally beautiful. Product will helps in hiding the minor skin imperfections. It stays for around 10 hours and has a perfect photo finish.

14. Inglot Loose Powder:

Inglot Loose Powder: beauty product in 2018

Inglot loose face powder is a very mild and fine talc powder which blends in skin very smoothly. The features of the products are quite impressive and left you with no choice of buying it. The powder is lightweight and completely translucent. It has a natural matte finish. It comes in a packaging of the transparent tub with a puff. The product is sturdy enough and keeps in your travel bag. It does clot in your pores. The product is highly recommended.

15. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40:

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 beauty product in 2018

According to the recent studies, it is shown that it’s not just UVA and UVB rays from the sun that can damage our skin; infrared radiation (heat) and blue light from our electronic devices are also no bueno. This product has a combination of SPF guards against all of those in a weightless, colorless, odorless, greaseless formula that’s so unnoticeable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. This is such an amazing beauty product to live for.


See most of the people are not so obdurate on everyday things, you know sometimes a face wipe is enough. You don’t have to use all the anti-aging products at a quite young age because it will lead your baby soft skin harsh. Prevention is what it’s all about. If you are a traveler and busy in your professional life and you don’t have time to take care of your skin and a lot does impact your complexion. I think with the article above you will definitely find something appropriate for your skin tone and take out the best out of it. Beauty is only skin deep, but when you do have bad skin you just, unfortunately, don’t feel as good as you should. It’s important to feel good about yourself on the inside.

So, that was the compiled list of top 15 best beauty products currently trending in the fashion industry. They are the latest fashion trends at the moment all the beauty products mentioned in the list are quite nice and effective. We wanted to share this information through this article with all the makeup buff and junkies out there. I hope we’ve made it quite easier for you to go makeup shopping the next time and decide the best beauty products for yourself. Always remember that beauty product we are discussing comes secondary but if you want to feel beautiful from the inside than you have to keep smiling and spreading happiness around you. Remember, inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurts!