A bad body smells so badly that it can affect the attractiveness and the confidence level of a woman in public and personal. Usually, sweat combines with bacteria under armpits which will cause an unpleasant body odor. Fortunately, the problem can be solved by bathing,  and by applying a good deodorant. Some deodorants are meant to specifically develop and neutralize the body odor, while others help in preventing too much sweating.

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Deodorants are among the top beauty products a woman should have. They make you smell good as they eliminate the bad body odor. Also, you will feel more confident and comfortable when you wear good deodorant. However, the market is filled with lots of deodorants, which makes it challenging to pick the one which suits you.

One thing you should always know about deodorants is that they come in two categories which are antiperspirants and natural deodorants. Antiperspirants are actually developed to prevent sweating. Normally, they will have some specific ingredients like aluminum, which will block the sweat glands. In turn, this will reduce too much sweating and avoid having an unpleasant odor. However, aluminum can have a negative effect on the skin, so you should keep a good check with your dermatologist if you are safe to use such products with aluminum. Natural deodorants, on the other hand, mainly work at eliminating the body odor. Mainly, these deodorants don’t contain aluminum and probably aims at neutralizing the bad smell caused by the bacteria.

Here we provide you the best-surveyed deodorants for women to make your selection better and comfortable:

1. Natural Deodorant for Women by Bali Secrets:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

The Natural Deodorant by Bali Secrets is one of the best aluminum-free and gluten-free deodorants which work perfectly on eliminating the odor-causing bacteria and then moisturizing the underarms. It also contains natural ingredients including Aloe Vera gel, seaweed extract, pure essential oils, and water. , this deodorant contains some small amount of alcohol, but that wouldn’t expose your skin to any sort of irritation.

Here you get a great deodorant that will keep you fresh on your intense gym/workout days, or during those tacky hot and sweaty days. It has a fresh smell that lasts for a really long time. Also, you might need to apply a small amount of it, and you can use it for up to three months before you buy another unit

2. Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant by Secret:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

The secret is one of the promising brands that make high-quality deodorants for women. The Outlast Clear Gel is an amazing deodorant that you can rely upon if you need some sort of affordable deodorant which eliminates the body odor. This is one of the cheapest in the market, but also one of the best anti-perspiration and odor protection deodorants out there in the bucket.

The Gel deodorant comes with odor protection for up to 48 hours, meaning that it will help you to eliminate the bad smell from morning to night. It is a very clear and invisible gel, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the streaks or stains on your clothes while applying it.

It comes in a pack of four units, which would serve you for almost six months. So yes, this deodorant is a good investment.

3. Bergamot + Lime Deodorant for Women by Schmidt’s Natural:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

The Schmidt’s deodorant is really different to most of the deodorants in this category regarding its application. You shall not glide it under your arms as you would do with some other deodorants. Instead, you can scoop it and then apply it with your fingers. Typically, it comes in the form of a gel which delivers an amazing odor-protection and still gives you some pleasant smell.

It each unit is comprised of natural ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot powder, shea butter, cocoa butter, along with some of the essential oils. The sweet and refreshing smell of lime and bergamot makes this deodorant really a great choice to provide you with a fresh smell for the whole day. However, you may not be the appropriate choice if you have sort of sensitive skin.

4. Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant by Dove:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

The Dove Invisible Soil Antiperspirant for women is a unique deodorant which has some amount of good skin moisturizer in it. This way, the deodorant will keep your underarms smooth and healthy if you apply it on regular basis. The deodorant is also made up with the natural ingredients which will not cause any harm or skin irritation, even when you apply them right after shaving.

It comes with a clear formulation which will not leave any stains or marks on your clothes. This deodorant has been made up to last you throughout the day since it prevents too much sweating by giving you an appealing smell.

5. Autumn Spice Deodorant by Organic Field of Heather:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

The Autumn Space deodorant is natural and aluminum-free, and it comes with a super-appealing fragrance which is best and perfectly feminine. It also has some natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, vitamins E and C, as well as coconut oil. It offers you reliable odor protection which leaves you to smell amazing. Simultaneously, it has some other ingredients which help you to kill the bad smell causing bacteria from your core parts.

The deodorant contains a blend of spices and pumpkin, which is quite appealing and a very different combo from all others. You can also wear it to work or if you are going for a vacation. It is a great choice to pick when you are looking for a reliable deodorant which is cheap and can keep you smelling refresh. However, this won’t last for as long as other deodorants in this list. Regardless of that, you will still find it value for money on buying this.

6. Go Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant for women by Dove:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

The Go Fresh Deodorant from Dove is one of the best pickups for women. It offers lovely odor and wetness protection for up to 48 hours. The deodorant is comprised of green tea and cucumber, which gives an irresistibly sweet smell. For that, you may enjoy a full day of fresh smell without worrying about too much sweating or unwanted smell. Although it can last for up to 48 hours, this is one of the deodorants which you should apply when you are going on a long traveling or flight trips. Also, the additional points offered here is that the product doesn’t leave any stains, residue, or marks on your clothes. It is also free from harsh ingredients which may cause any type of skin irritation. The deodorant will offer a very soothing sensation on absorbing the sweat in the underarms and other core body parts.

If you want to get the right deodorant, you may need to weigh some options just to be sure of making the right choice. And this is one of those.

7. Natural Deodorant Rock by Crystal Body Deodorant:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

The Natural Deodorant Rock provided by the Crystal Body is one of the deodorants which is completely different from most deodorants out there in the market. This comes in the form of a stone/rock (isn’t you find something really different?) and all you have to do here is to apply some water to it before you apply this amazing deodorant to the body. It is hypoallergenic and you will not find any harsh ingredients like aluminum or parabens. Also, it is comprised of a mild scent which lasts for long enough. You will not have to worry about any possible skin irritation or itchiness if you apply this deodorant. It is a perfect choice if you have any type of sensitive skin or if you are prone to skin rashes and any severe allergies. It dries instantly and will not leave any streaks, white residue, or stains on your clothes or accessories.

8. Speed Stick Power Unscented Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

A Speed Stick earned a slight edge when it comes to the application. It has a domed surface which was pretty standard, but it went on dryer than the other most. Ban, by comparison, felt like a little too wet, like it was melting into our skin inside, while the testers described Speed Stick is labeled as “just moist enough for a smooth glide.” The deodorant will go on to the soft and dry quickly. Based solely on the packaging, you might assume that it is for men. But as we learned the main difference between men’s and women’s antiperspirants is about the scent. If you’re looking at some unscented products, that difference becomes quite moot: We often want something that would work. And this deodorant is certainly very scentless. While other “unscented” antiperspirants had faint hints of musk or soap in them, the Speed Stick is quite waxy.

But on its application, some residues are left unvarnished. While it wasn’t the worst offender with the Speed Stick which certainly left its mark during our T-shirt test. You’ll be hard pressed to find any antiperspirant which is truly invisible, and natural picks will be a better bet for that feature.

9. Sam’s Natural Deodorant:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

Of its famous 15 available scents, Sam’s offers one special marketed specifically for women, with lavender and clary sage essential oils in it. The type of oil here is the only difference between a man’s and a woman’s formulas. Our testers loved this faintly herbal, faintly citrusy aroma and gone pleased to find it lingered even after the two hours of applying it. After trying for an assortment of natural deodorants, some circular sticks, some ovals, and some creams, we tended to prefer these rounder ones. They fit more snugly into our pits than those ovals, and as a result which is left less goosy in excess on our skin and on the rim of this stick. And when compared to the cream, it required dipping your fingers into a jar, and rubbing the product onto your skin, and then washing your hands to remove sticks which were much less messy and time-consuming. We preferred this circular shape of Sam’s Natural Deodorant. It was found really easier to apply the oval-shaped tubes which we tested.

You may find it a bit costly since the Natural deodorants typically run at a higher price point and the ingredients and manufacture process are more expensive. You may find it triple the cost of our antiperspirant picks.

10. Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant:

Best Deodorants for Women 2019

Look no further than Green Tidings if you were looking for the organic products. The rigors of sourcing organic ingredients as well as manufacturing the product in the solar-powered facility are quite innovative and impressive. It’s also purely vegan and cruelty-free. The deodorant uses the baking soda and coconut oil to battle with the sweat and stink, with the presence of shea butter for the moisturizer.

The gentle lavender fragrance of Green Tidings appeals the testers’. As for application, Green Tidings’ round stick felt so perfectly sized in our underarms. Unlike products from North Coast Organics and Bubble and Bee, the excess goosey product didn’t accumulate in our armpits or smear onto the edge of the tube’s rim.
Green Tidings is one of the most expensive deodorant picks. It’s a costly product to make because of its high sustainability standards.


Even when you have a list of the best deodorants in the market, you will still need to consider a few factors before you finalize things in your mind. Occasionally, it is never easy to choose the right deodorants from the bucket full of options. So how can you make the right choice when you are looking for a reliable and fancy deodorant to use? Here are some factors which you all should keep in mind before buying any deodorant:

  • Understand your skin type/sensitivity-You should always start by considering what is your skin type. Some deodorants work best on dry skin while others are great for soft skin. Also, some deodorants are best for sensitive skin. You can always keep a check if the skin type is indicated on the deodorant and buy accordingly.
  • Ingredients-Before buying any of them, you should give a check on the list of ingredients. Whether it has natural ingredients which will work gently on your skin, or it contains any synthetic ingredients which could cause harm to your skin? Actually, one should avoid using deodorants with ingredients like aluminum, alcohol, parabens, or other chemical compounds.
  • Wetness protection-The point that should be of great concern to you is that do you sweat a lot. Sweating too much means that you should look for an ideal antiperspirant which can absorb the excess sweat and keep you smelling fresh for longer time.
  • Scented or unscented-Suppose you want to choose a deodorant that suits you accordingly and then you want one that gives you a refreshing and pleasant smell, ensure that you consider the scent which has both in equilibrium. While choosing a natural scented deodorant, always ensure that you pick one with a decent and appealing smell. You may not want to wear a strong deodorant which might make the people around you uncomfortable.

All in all, the deodorant that you choose should suit you in all the aspects of money, longevity, smell and accordingly. Always ensure that you pay close attention to the ingredients much before you decide to purchase any of the deodorants. Always go through the customers’ reviews to know what you would expect from the deodorant.

Get yourself serve the best. Good Luck!