As we girls are really fascinated with the Matte lipstick and these products are trending these days in the fashion industry. They have become really popular in recent times. As we all have witnessed a lot of celebrities out there and models choose to show off their matte lipstick choices by wearing them on special occasions and fashion shows. There are a lot of social media makeup artist those who have published extensive tutorials on how to successfully apply matte lipstick. In the fashion market and even you can find out several drugstores, higher-end makeup brands have released complete lines of matte lipsticks in order to keep up with the high demand for these lipsticks. I am sure all the beautiful women out there must love wearing these chains of matte lipsticks, isn’t it? The fact is that every makeup look is just incomplete without a perfect shade of lipstick.  Any lipstick with a matte finish enhances your lips by making them appear larger and more dramatic. Matte lipstick transforms your lips into a gorgeous focal point for any look.

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But in spite of the fact that these mat lipstick are quite attractive and look amazing on your lips but there are some downsides to some matte lipsticks, however. Many types of matte lipstick significantly dry out your lips. Some of the matte lipsticks that higher-end makeup brands offer to add excessive dryness to the skin of your lips. Matte lipsticks with high-quality have the power to add hydration to your lips and combine moisture with a classic matte finish. If you want to make your lips look hydrated and flawless, you should always choose the matte lipstick of highest quality. For your convenience and ease, we have tried and compiled the top 10 best drugstore matte lipsticks 2019 which all are of the high qualities of matte lipsticks available in the market. Read this article to choose the correct option which can add beauty to your overall look.

1. E.L.F. Matte Lip Color:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

The first product in the list of top 10 best drugstore matte lipsticks 2019 is e.l.f matte lip color which is a striking matte lipstick shade and we can consider it somewhere in between a lip liner and a lipstick. This matte lipstick shade has both the qualities because it can give you the feel of lip liner as well as lipstick. It is thin and pointed enough to allow for precision of application but provides the color and coverage of a lipstick. The lip pencil has a twist-up container so that you never have to sharpen it between uses.

Vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin C, all three things are presented in the lipstick, this matte lip color hydrates, conditions, and nourishes your lips during wear. It dries to a classic matte finish, but it never dries out your lips. Also, the color is extremely long-lasting, this shade of lip color can stay on your lips all day long without requiring reapplication.

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

Out of all the lip shades, this one is the creamiest with a subtle sheen. This is such a great lipstick and it just spread on the lips smoothly and smudged all over nicely. It can stays on your lips for a longer period of time, the only thing is that if you are having something after applying it than it may fade dramatically but just a touch up can again make it look flawless and striking. Only if you don’t mind frequent touch-ups, this vibrant coral-y orange delivers a bold punch of color that reminded me of a long-time favorite, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Le Orange.

There are few points about this matte lipstick which definitely needs your consideration are that it is creamy matte finish texture lipstick, it is bold and pigmented lip shade and pure precious oils Available in a variety of on-trend matte lipstick shades.

3. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Red Lipstick Matte Lipstick, Rich Ruby, 0.15 oz:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

This Maybelline is itself a well-known brand in the matte lipstick and it is also the creamiest lipstick with a matte finish that is readily available in the market. The best part about this lipstick that it spreads on the lips smoothly, it glides effortlessly onto your lips and is extremely easy to apply smoothly and evenly. As soon as you will apply the lipstick it will dry to a soft, clean matte finish. The lipstick is infused with three special oils in it; these oils are very helpful in providing the lipstick with a creamy texture. They also ensure that the lipstick continues to hydrate and condition your lips even after it dries.

There are certain points which are great to know about this lip shade:

  1. This lip shade is infused with the Non-drying creamy formula with some of the pure precious oils leaving your lips with a comfortable feel.
  2. This cream matte lipstick leaves your lips with a creamy matte finish and intense color.
  3. This Matte Lipstick is smooth, creamy, and wearable doesn’t dry and is highly pigmented.
  4. This matte lip shade is available in 20 super-saturated shades ranging from Burgundy Blush to Electric Pink and Rich Ruby.
  5. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘London’:

4. NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream, Paris:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

The next best product in the list of top 10 best drugstore matte lipsticks 2019 is this velvety smooth soft matte lip shade by NYX cosmetics. It delivers a burst of creamy color that settles into a stunning matte finish. This lipstick is very lightweight and durable at the same time.

Few points that will make you consider this as a great choice is that it has a smooth buttery texture, highly pigmented, it is easy to apply and available at affordable price. One drawback of this lip shade is that it may highlight imperfections and dry patches on your lips

This lip shade is one of the best amongst all the matte lip products of the drugstore world. The packaging of the product is quirky, and the color of the tube matches the lip cream shade. It has a convenient, sponge applicator that is easy to work with. This product is highly recommended by a lot of beauty expert.

5. Revlon Matte Lipstick in ‘Pink About It’:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

The fifth in the list of beautifully rich matte color lipstick shade is one of the Revlon lip shade which slides effortlessly all over your lips. It gives you suede-like, cushiony feel and maximum color impact. This lip shade comes in a variety of colors which are straight from the runway from nudes to deepest berries.

Few great points which are noticeable are that it is highly pigmented, Long-lasting, you can apply it smoothly and it does not dry out your lips.

This Revlon’s matte lipstick is considered to be a pricey one when looked at from a drugstore point of view owing to its formulation. They come in a cute and sturdy matte-black packaging. This is smooth creamy texture lip shade which gives you a great look after you apply it and can last a little longer than other lip shades.

6. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Paints in ‘Festival’:

 Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

Lacquer up lips is a high quality of matte lip color with a well-known brand the L’Oreal Paris. In just one slide, the designer applicator precisely diffuses vibrant full-coverage matte lipstick to your lips for comfortable wear. This is available in 6 high impact shades to choose from.

Points that you should consider before buying this lip shade are that it is also highly pigmented, Light-weight and Easy and smooth application. This lip shade has few drawbacks that it takes time to set, increase dry patches.

These lip paints by L’Oreal come in a squeeze tube with a sponge-tipped applicator. The formulation is similar to that of a creamy liquid lipstick. It’s easy to apply, and it takes about 30 seconds to settle into a matte finish so you can work on perfecting your application within this time frame.

7. Wet N’ Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in ‘Give Me Mocha’:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

Lips shades are always a great obsession of women and some of them are fascinating with high-quality lip shade brands, this particular lip shade slides on the lips like butter, feels like second skin and just won’t budge. This liquid catsuit matte lipstick is made with glammed out superpowers. It has glossy texture, yet it transforms into a high-pigmented matte finish with some serious staying power.

It is highly pigmented, lightweight formula, long-staying, does not dry out your lips and one of the great lip shade to wear comfortably. Sometimes it tends to settle into fine lines of your lips, it has a mild chemical smell.

This liquid lip shade is one of the affordable drugstore lipsticks available at a great deal. I am sure that you will love the packaging of the lipstick which is really cute and quirky, and it comes in a clear tube through which you can see the actual color of the lipstick. The bottom specifies the name of the shade. It comes with a doe foot applicator that gives you an easy and precise application. The texture is liquidy and thin.

8. Milani Color Statement Lipstick Matte in ‘Rose Femme’:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

We all must agree with the fact that some lipsticks look different at the store and looks completely opposite in your room mirror. Milani’s Color Statement is the antithesis of that. This lip shade is a great buy which delivers true instant color in one single swipe. It is infused with Vitamins A and C to hydrate and nourish your lips. This matte lipstick shade is available in 20 different shades. It has some points which are must to consider before buying it that it does not dry out your lips, classy packaging, creamy-matte texture and Easy to apply. The only thing is that it has a strong watermelon fragrance so if you are allergic to that please do consider the fact.

This matte lipstick shade is one of the well known matte lipsticks from the popular drugstore brand Milani which comes in a classy gold packaging with a band at the bottom that displays the shade of the lipstick. It has a creamy texture, easy to apply without the need to tug or pull. This is a good option for those who have very dry lips because it is quite moisturizing for a matte lipstick. The shade ‘Rose Femme’ is a pretty mauve-brown shade which will look great on all skin tones. It’s a very subdued shade that is great for work-wear. One swipe gives you a gorgeous finish! A must-try!

9. L.A Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in ‘Va Voom’:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

L.A Girl’s Matte Flat Velvet lipstick is the next in the list of top 10 best drugstore matte lipsticks 2019. This lipstick is rich in pigment and filled with moisture. It is infused with the shea butter which helps to hydrate the lips, smooth application; your lips feel as gorgeous as they look. The lip shade comes with 26 bold shades.

Great points to consider before buying this lipstick is that it is pigmented, soft and smooth texture, it does not excessively dry out your lips, it is easy to take off and it does not settle into fine lines. The only drawback is that it has average staying power

This comes in black color case packaging, and the original color of the lipstick is indicated through a strip on the cap. It comes with a small pan at the bottom of the lipstick, with some extra product. It has a smooth texture which easily spread on your lips and gives an even application. It will not dry out easily and will not look chirpy or patchy on the lips. The only issue is its longevity which is quite average.

10. Jordana Sweet Cream Matte in ‘Sweet Marsala Wine’:

Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks 2019

If you are really obsessed with matte lip shades than this is the perfect time to give your lips some sugar, sweetie! This lip shade has a velvety finish which makes your lips look smooth and even after you wear it Indulge in a light, creamy-whipped feel and dessert-rich shades. This includes a drop of Vitamin A which makes your lips comfortable and nourished. This lip shade is available in 12 different shades.

It has a long lasting power, mixed with Vitamin A, transfer proof, it has a light-weight feel and a great thing is that it has a water-resistant formula. Few drawbacks of this lip shade are that it will form lines on your lips after you wearing it for a while if you don’t want your lips to look patchy avoid reapplication. This comes in a clear plastic case tube, along with an applicator which makes application smooth and easy. The matte lipstick has a mousse texture which slides effortlessly on the lips and has a faint vanilla fragrance which reminds me of cupcakes. You can easily apply it for long five to six hours even with meal breaks. This matte lipstick is one of the great additions in the drugstore matte lipsticks 2019. The best thing about this lip shade is that it compliments well with all the skin tones.


The matte lipstick shade is a new trend in the fashion industry and seems to be long-lasting trend without fading up anytime soon, and for all you beautiful ladies out there it is very important for you to keep yourself updated with the best that you can get. So, that was the list of some of the best drugstore matte lipsticks available in the market.