A lady feels comfortable with comfortable clothes more than fashionable ones. But what if we blend both of them for you? Workout clothes are a bigger deal to crack than most of us could think, and an investment worth everything you put in – they can actually make or break your workouts. It’s a billion-dollar industry for a reason, and it’s evolving with each passing day. From sweatpants and tights to workout leggings made for different workout forms, there was never a better time to shop for any athletic outfit. Some styles like running, yoga, and HIIT exercises need leggings (bottoms) which are neither too loose, nor too tight, and brands know well how to deal with these and make them for all the body types. Let’s have a look at the best of this workout wear list today. You don’t have to know how to choose your workout leggings if you have an idea whom to buy from, because these brands understand it all better and make them accordingly.

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Here at the brands, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in a good way) about the stuff we get to see, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. That is why we go for People’s  Choice, in which we get to find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single outs are the most convincing. While we’ve written before about the comfortable wear according to yogis, the most reliable sports leggings and gone deep into the best compression tights with the plus size workout leggings. So, here we went deep on the best yoga pants for women on Amazon.

1. Smart Wool Women’s NTS Mid:

 Best Leggings for Women 2019

The intent of these mid-weight base layer bottoms from the SmartWool brand is to keep you warm in cold conditions. You can wear them under a pair of pants or even alone in slightly warmer conditions. Thanks to the wide waistband and their flatlock seams which are designed to reduce the chaffing, these will be a comfortable fit for all the active outdoor activities such as snowboarding or hiking. The waist is a mid-rise.

Unfortunately, the designs do not include a crotch gusset with the piece of fabric sewn between the legs for greater freedom of movement and to prevent tight-fitting shorts, pants, or even crops from riding up. The results on a weird extra space in the crotch area.

The basic FEATURES of the Smartwool Women’s Merino 250 Baselayer Bottom which will attract you surely are:

The Interlock knit

A Wide self-fabric design covered elastic waistband for comfort and a flattering fit

A Flatlock seam construction is designed to eliminate the chafing.

Heat transfer logo on the left hip

Reviews: Since everyone needs a good base layer. So people pursue this with the heavy and uncomfortable stuff. They work as a staple in their backpacking gear.

People also like this during the cooler winter conditions while sitting outside. It gets full marks for the base layer which is really comfortable to carry.

2. Icebreaker Women’s Oasis Leggings:

Best Leggings for Women 2019

Oasis is Icebreaker’s technical range for base layers. They are so perfect for sports such as hiking of snow activities. They include a gusseted crotch for the range of motion, flatlock seams, and an elastic waistband. It exists in black and other plain color but still, people love how they come in all sorts of graphics.

They also do a ¾ length version role play. For all those activities where you might wear high socks such as skiing, you could consider this 3/4 length. You must choose a long pant option for everything else.

The basic appealing features for choosing these are like;

*Soft and warm merino wool which naturally resists odor, wicks moisture away and dries fast

*Fabric which offers protection from UV light with a rating of UPF 50+

*Flatlock seams which help to eliminate the chafing

*Machine washable; line dry or dry flat in various shades

*The women’s Icebreaker Oasis long underwear leggings have a slim fit which is a lot comfortable to carry.

Reviews-People’s leggings are fast-drying, look great, feel great, and they are comfortable to wear and move around in. If you want clothes for use and reuse day after day with only one hotel room to wash and dry it, then you can trust us, these are your babies.

3. Spalding Women’s BootLeg Yoga Pant:

Best Leggings for Women 2019

A Classic bootleg pant completes almost every workout outfit and makes a great fashion statement with your everyday casual wear. Our cozy comfortable cotton blend fabric delivers just the exact amount of compression. Heat seal Spalding logo at the hip side to avoid stiffness.

Reviews- People have been seen saying, “I love these pants! They are comfortable and cozy good; fit great all around! The fabric is a nice and mid-weight which are not too thin and see-through either too bulky or heavy. They can hold onto their shape throughout the day and don’t stretch out and sag like some other yoga pants often do. The boot-cut leg has a nice tapered flare that balances out the curves and looks so flattering.” Users washed them twice so far, using regular wash and heated dry; but the fabric still looks great and did not pill, shrink, or shortens up. Once a user will definitely like these pants and will surely order more pairs. The quality is also good, the style looks nice, they fit great, and the price is affordable. So after this, what more could a girl ask for?

4. Outdoor Voices:

Best Leggings for Women 2019

The loyal customers have already taken note of the changes. With a five star rating on its website, the improved leggings have been met with star glowing reviews so far. Although just released, shoppers have already mentioned their love for the new fit, with various people also noting how the improved waistband stays in place and is very supportive during their workout period. Now that your bottom half is covered for great workouts, you can match-up your leggings with the newly released medium and hi-intensity bras from Outdoor Voices collection, too. Since it was once a brand that solely focused on low-impact gear, the label is making its presence known with the high-impact arena.

Coming up With a tagline – sportswear for Doing Things Daily, Outdoor Voices lives up to its name. Be like hiking, jogging, running or any other form of fitness you are into, they are the answers and great ones too. You will find it perfect for people who are into more than one type of workout. Tyler Haney, the founder, launched her line to prove that athleisure is much more than just black spandex. She wanted to fully understand the fabrics and how they work on various body types, sweat, weather conditions, etc. and bring a fresher and deeper perspective into the athleisure.

5.Heavyweight Merino:

 Best Leggings for Women 2019

The Heavyweight merino will keep you warm and safe in the severest cold weather conditions. While running heavy equipment, ice fishing, stand hunting, or any other cold weather and low activity environment.

The fabric weight is typically approx 400 g/m2 which is almost twice for the protection of the mid weight. Most of the people won’t need anything other than warmth but if you are planning for some extreme outdoor activities where failing at staying warm would mean going home, then this is your answer. The leggings come as EttelLut High-Quality Polar Fleece which is very convenient for the daily usage, you can use them anytime whenever you want and wherever you go. It will be perfect if you are always on the go. Unlike any other leggings brand, these leggings are thick enough so you can be comfortable for a longer period of time.

The product comes In different colors since it does not matter whether you are after the color because these workout gym athletic exercise fitness running sports leggings are available in most of the solid colors of Black, Charcoal, and Navy. You can easily match this to any of your general outfits.

6. Victoria’s Secret Leggings: 

Best Leggings for Women 2019

Victoria Sport is a brand extension by Victoria’s Secret, a brand which is known for its high quality and fashionable intimates, apparel, etc. Its yoga and workout leggings are really popular because they can be worn smoothly from home to studio and back to the street as well. They will come in all formats and will give you good compression to reduce the impact on your muscles. They also available with pockets for functional purposes, and other such interesting design elements. Here you will get a look for leggings that come with a 4-way stretch.

Reviews- People fond of leggings said, “I’ve gotten a few different leggings from VS and have liked all of them. The Knockout/Total Knockout tight is legit.” Users like the thick, compression, durability, squat-proof, holds up like a champ. Absolutely some of them are quite favorite among users.

7. Beyond Yoga Leggings:

Best Leggings for Women 2019

This is the one legging you cannot live without. Featuring up with a classic silhouette in our renowned performance and fabric, you will find it perfect for every occasion. You can wear this from studio-to-street, barre-to-brunch and even bedroom to bedroom again. You’ll never want to take them off because of the comfort provided as:

*Full-length availability

*Triangle gusset for the greater movement and no riding-ups

*No sag, no slip, no digging, and a perfect waistband

Jodi Guber Brufsky, a yoga instructor, believed in the need for a brand that made athleisure wear with body positivity at its core. He felt that women should feel no pressure to feel or look, and should fit a certain size or meet the societal standards of being beautiful. The clothes should be enhanced with straps, cuts, patterns, inseams, luxury fabrics, etc. Jodi was later accompanied by Michelle Walker, a designer with the shared vision, and they both are taking the company to another height just to ensure women for being healthy, happy, and confident in one garment at a time.

8. Janus 100% Wool Bottoms:

Best Leggings for Women 2019

Once a person wears these pants by Janus 100% wool bottom it will keep them warm for the longest time possible. Overall they are great. You can trust them in the coldest destination of your trips or in Winter season. Keep in mind that bottom layers are more annoying than tops to take on and off when you get too warm or while switching often between indoors and outdoors.

Here you will have a baggy feel after a couple of hours of wear, which is not a problem for comfort but some may not feel comfortable to wear them under the dress as tights or on their own even when they aren’t see through beside as a pajama. After a couple of wash in the washing machine, You may notice some holes. Hanging them in the sun can be as efficient as washing them in the future! They said it is not a major issue that as people use only them as an underlayer. They will for sure keep you warm and literally will never make you smell. It lacks ankle bands and prevents roll up while sleeping!

9. Gymshark Leggings

Best Leggings for Women 2019

Gymshark is an exclusive activewear brand which makes workout clothing more enjoyable, comfortable, and relevant, one piece at a time. Choosing your perfect gear can be an overwhelming experience, and this brand understands this very well. It helps you to feed in all your information and gives you the right suggestions on the size, variant, and the fit that is appropriate for all your body type and choices of the workout. From low, high, and mid-rise leggings to high compression, flexible-fit, and sculpture leggings, Gymshark has a lot in the store for your fitness freaking regime.

10. Lululemon Leggings

Best Leggings for Women 2019

Lululemon is a Canadian athletic activewear company which has been gaining popularity since its inception in the market. It is well known for making some amazing athleisure for yoga, running, and other outdoor activities. Lululemon firmly believes that yoga is the center of this universe. It is trying to build a yoga community throughout the brand, and sparks meaningful conversations in the world, and, in this process, the product is making comfortable clothing too. If yoga is even your way of life, you know that which brand you have to choose; besides, it will help you for selecting the right clothing according to the type of yoga you do or prefer for a better living.


You should be serious in choosing the right pair of bottoms and take them into consideration for the weight of the fabric and then the seasonal temperatures which you are planning to wear it.

The more wool it will contain, the warmer and more odor resistant it will be which might be a significant factor if you are going to places where washing is not easy to access.

To decide for a lightweight or a heavyweight, consider the activity for which you will be participating in to decide what weight to choose. But if you are planning on hiking a lot, choose a lightweight option. Remember that these bottoms are a little different then tops since you won’t be able to take them off easily if you’re too hot to gear up. However, most of the wool is great at regulating your temperature.

They say your workouts should be as comfortable as your own clothes, and truer words have never been spoken ever before. Go on, try some of these and get yourself the best pair, and you will never go back to your old clothes. So now what is your idea of comfortable workout clothes? What do you look for when you choose your gear ups – comfortable, stylish, inexpensive, or all the above?  Choose accordingly. Good Luck!