So are you people sick of dealing with dry, dull, or flaking skin? Well, it can be more than frustrating to apply foundation to a cheek covered in dry patches, and after all that effects your “dewy finish” foundation looks which look chalkier than ever by 1:00 PM. All those dry-skinned ladies need to cope with moisture and choose a foundation that’s made for your skin type. Since sometimes, no matter how diligent you are about your skin care routine, you’ll be cursed with dry patches at a certain point in time.

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And here, at this point, a good foundation can make or break your makeup. Your blush, bronzer, concealer even lipstick tends to go flat if the foundation is not appropriate enough. Well, you can say that the search for a good foundation is almost like searching for the right life partner, which is not easy. It has to match and complement you perfectly and last longer. This search for the perfect foundation is particularly difficult if you have oily skin. Most foundations on oily skin slide off minutes after applying it and make the face looks shiny in access. No, not the right kind of shiny, but oily and greasy sandwich kind of shiny. However, if you are ready to shell out of good bucks, these high-end foundations from some of the hottest and most prestigious brands in the world actually work very good to make your look the best.

Here we are providing you with the top 10 best non-oxidizing foundations for your oily/dry skin types. So go through it wisely and choose the best for your skin and pocket.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

The heavy-duty foundation comes in one of the widest variety of colors in its kind. The foundation brand claims to stay up for at least 16hrs and has quite a cult in following among all the makeup lovers all over the world.

When it comes to the coverage and long-lasting power, this is a real deal you must crack. The texture is really light and a little runny. The foundation sets up very quickly and lasts forever until you want to rinse it off, and is non-transferable as well. In fact, you will need a powerful makeup remover to get rid of it completely. It gives you a heavy coverage which covers all the marks, blemishes or pigmentations, even when used without a concealer. But, still, then, the finish looks silky smooth and not cakey.  It is also extremely effective in controlling oil. However, because of its oil controlling properties and specialties, the foundation sometimes tends to dry out the skin, thus hydrating and moisturizing the skin before an application is recommended even for those people with oily skin. The additional SPF 10 provides satisfactory sun protection and coverage to the natural beauty as well…

2. NARS All Day 

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

Another phenomenal and luminous formula on the list is from NARS, which claims to go a long way with just a little amount. The product is a favorite among many beauty gurus, it has a loyal fan base which swears by the beautiful finish and heavy duty longevity to it.

The container comes with a pumping box, but still, it can be a little tricky to use. The formula is on its runny side, but not exactly watery or awkward. It gives a natural finish that falls exactly between matte and dewy look. The longevity of the product is its heavy duty, and the 15-hours which are claimed is not highly exaggerated. It remains for a longer time and gives a shine-free look for at least 12 hours, and with a little setting powder, it can easily touch the 15-hour mark. However, it tends to go a little overboard with the oil control, as it dries out the skin too much for the comfort and may accentuate dry patches. The product gives you a sheer to medium coverage, but building it for full coverage might end up in a cakey appearance. Though this is available in a wide variety of shades, like yellow undertones to dominate the choices.

3. Hourglass Immaculate Liquid 

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

The liquid foundation is enriched with cashmere kaolinite clay, and this liquid foundation turns into a powdery formula once applied. It truly remains oil-free for longer hours. The coverage provided by the foundation is exceptional since it covers all the blemishes and imperfection for a flawless and glowing matte finish. Though there are several fans, who rave about the excellent coverage and finish given by it, on some skin types the color seem to oxidize into a darker shade after a few hours of application.

The foundation comes in a very lesser variety of shades, thus finding the perfect match for every skin tone can be a matter of great challenge.

Another top-ranked in the favorites of many beauty enthusiasts, this foundation has a powdery finish to it which is oil-free, the velvety matte finish stays up for a very long period of time.

4. Laura Mercier Silk Crème 

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

The best part about this foundation is the beautiful and flawless coverage as it comes out with a subtle dewy finish. The application actually looks like the second skin, yet does not give a cakey look. It comes up with a limited variety of only 12 shades and finding a perfect match for darker skin tones can be a way tricky job. The oil control though may not be as long lasting as 12 hours as promised, can be a decent job for 6 plus hours. However, with a hefty price tag like this one, 6 hours keeps you a little more wanting. The photo-ready claim stands true for this, as you can notice the beauty for your body parts mainly neck and face.

Silky and photo-ready finish with almost 12-hour shine-free experience is what this foundation brand claims. There is a revamped version of the previous product by the same name, but this one promises to take oil-free flawlessness to the next level.

5. Cover FX Natural Finish

 Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

The product comes in a user-friendly tube and does not have a pump dispenser. The specially designed formula is clean and free of parabens, sulfates, and gluten. The foundation has a thicker consistency which does not take a lot of efforts to blend in further. It gives mostly medium to high coverage.

The foundation gives a natural matte finish and stays up for good 8-10 hours. The product comes in an excellent array of shades, keeping up in mind warm, cool and neutral undertones which allow you to find the perfect match.

This oil-free foundation is one of the cleanest formulae on the list, that makes it popular among people with sensitive skin. It also promises a flawless coverage with longer shine-free hours.

6. Dolce & Gabbana

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

The foundation comes up in a fancy packaging as you would expect from a brand like Dolce & Gabbana. The liquid foundation blends up into a powdery finish to ensure a naturally matte finish, the best part is that it does not budge until washed off intentionally. It can be a little dry on the skin and can accentuate dry and rough patches. It has an SPF 20 present in it that provides optimum sun protection. However, the color of the foundation often tends to oxidize and get darker after a few hours of wearing it, which makes choosing the right color a way tricky job. The foundation also does not provide any wide range of colors to choose from as it comes only in 14 shade variants. Although it is a good foundation for oily skin, whenever you compare the benefits with the hefty price tag, they offer nothing extra which you would normally expect from something this pricey.

This foundation promises you to provide oil control, even for oiliest of the skins for long hours. This one often blends into a powdery finish, without giving the face a mask-like appearance which might look artificial.

7. Tarte Amazonian Clay 

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

The foundation has one of the cleanest formulae among all the foundations available in the market. You will find this product as paraben free, gluten free, not tested on animals and contains natural sunscreens like titanium dioxide, so you will find it safe for the sensitive skin. However, the color options are quite limited which makes it a little harder to find a perfect match. The product comes in a tube with a wooden top, therefore it is really hard to get to the last drop. The texture is a little on the thicker side but can blend up easily. It gives a very nice and satin matte finish that provides medium coverage. It can control oil without drying out the skin. However, the product does not hold true to its long wear claim. It starts wearing off within 5-6 hours, even with the setting powder. It will be a good idea to use a primer before applying any such foundation. It comes with SPF 15 that provides adequate sun protection.

This foundation is infused with Amazonian clay which is favorite among many for its flawless finish and cleaner formula. The company claims to provide coverage for 12 hours on oily skin.

8. Becca Aqua Luminous 

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

The Becca foundation is the light, buildable, liquid formula that imparts subtle luminosity with a rather weightless and comfortable feel. This is a holy grail foundation for dry and patchy skin. If you prefer a natural-looking, glowing, luminous skin with lighter coverage which makes you love this! However, it will be available only in eight shades and those of you having very pale or very dark skin tones may not find a shade that suits you. It has ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, C, and Green Algae Extracts – all of which hydrate and condition your skin from within.

The best part of this product includes that it can blend easily and you will find it lightweight. This is a super hydrating foundation which leaves your skin with a luminous finish and a natural-looking texture. It comes with a heavy glass bottle without a pump which is the only reason to think twice about it.

9. Stila Cosmetics Aqua 

The foundation is really easy to blend and feels more serum-like, rather than just a liquid foundation. It is filled with the goodness of plant-based antioxidants, some of which are reparative in nature. Now it is definitely one of the few lightweight foundation formulas in the market that won’t break you out or dry out your skin in future, but here’s the catch – it tends to look a little artificial when worn during the daytime. The intensity of shimmer in the formula may hold you back when it comes to this foundation. However, it can be worn during the evenings and for special occasions.

You will surely love this for the silky formula which is easy to blend and has medium coverage that contains hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. The push-top dropper dispenser causes wastage of product so you should be a good consumer.

10. Honest Beauty Everything 

Best Non-Oxidizing Foundations For Oily/Dry Skin 2019

If you’re looking for a foundation which has exceptional coverage, this foundation does a wonderful job in this aspect. The application leaves you with a velvety, slightly powdery finish, so you can use it as a hydrating finishing spray to set it. Its key ingredients have jojoba oil, chamomile, and calendula, lemon peel oil, and sunflower seed oil, all of these are very soothing and nourishing for dry skin. This one is a great choice for acne-prone dry skin or aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

You will choose it purely because it is easy to blend and also long wearing. The foundation gives medium to full coverage and is compact and travel-friendly in the packaging. There is no SPF and limited shade range under this product.


Now as you have a good understanding of your options, here are a bunch of tips you must keep in mind while selecting your beauty product.

All you need is to exfoliate well, moisturize with a nourishing lotion or face cream, and wait for it to seep into your skin. Also, apply a primer before going up with your foundation.

To quench the dry skin throughout the day, be careful to choose a light covering and hydrating foundation. Focus on words like ‘moisturizing,’ ‘nourishing,’ and ‘hydrating.’

It is also ideal if your foundation is enriched with ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and essential oils.

Look for textures like lightweight, light reflection and creamy texture because they give you the illusion of dewy skin.

If you have dry skin which is prone to breakouts the immediately avoid oil-based products and use a lightweight serum that is water-based. Always test out the sample before purchasing your foundation.

It is also advisable to use tools like as a makeup sponge or a brush instead of using your fingers to apply the foundation.

Hydration is really crucial! You can never get enough water that will moisturize you from within. So drink a lot of water, eat fruits and veggies with high water-content to sneak in some extra H2O. While applying any of these foundations, use a damp makeup sponge and press it into your skin for some added hydration.

If you have dry, mature, and aging skin then avoid pressed powder foundations as these will settle down into lines and will only accentuate them further. Go for a formula with anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid instead.

If you picked out the right one, your foundation can be your skin’s best friend. So choose wisely. Good luck!