If you are thinking about a makeover with your hairstyle which is suitable and good-looking for this summer season look than the box braid is the perfect style for you. This stunning style does not only look gorgeous but it will not bother you for months and you don’t need to take stress about your hair at all. It is very popular among all the beautiful African and American women’s and it comes very handily. The box braid look is trending these days and looks always stunning this box braid look is the look which you can carry for great events and always looks very smart. This style doesn’t need your many efforts and will give you that pretty cool look which you are going to love this summer season.

Many women wear box braid style as a down do because it makes the style look splendid and they look absolutely stunning too. Who wouldn’t want to look splendid and beautiful? This cool and chunky style is one that you are going to admire and want to try out for yourself. A standard style of box braid is one that has “a few braids from the front section above your forehead and twists them to fit behind your ear.” Many women also wear the style as an updo where they will have the chunky braids put into a bun. Really, there are a number of styles and you can achieve anything in styling for yourself. The box braids style can be designed into fishtails swept off to the side which will really rock the summer season this year. If you are thinking to carry it little light and you don’t want to feel the bulkiness on top of your head then you must try the partial updo look where the half of your hair is left down open and the half portion of hair is pulled up.

Box braids are very popular style since 90’s but the thing with this style is that they never go out of fashion. These are gaining all the popularities since way back and coming with some new trends every now and then. This hairstyle is a legendary look; it is a statement look for all the beautiful women out there and brings immense pleasure to the wearer. The style is common in celebrities also and as we have seen Beyoncé and Solange wearing this box braid look very confidently and they are the fashion diva for all of us to be sure though they both are only celebrities who have seen wearing this box braid. The reason behind this is that it a very easy look to wear for all the women those who are always on the go.

Here we have compiled top 15 box braid styles which you can carry in all the season according to your convenience. If you are wondering how to style your box braid and what will we the final outcome, then you must consider these box braid styles of 2018.

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Medium box braids:

Medium box braids best box braids styles of 2018

The first in the list of top box braid styles of 2019 is medium box braids style. In this style, we have a splendid braided bob to demonstrate in front of you.  With this style, you will have thick braids and thick braids cuffs. This kind of hairstyle goes along with anyone and everybody looks stunning with this hairstyle. Medium box braids is very easy to carry and maintain, you can create your braids quite thick and then if you want to add beads also you can do that, this will make you look superbly gorgeous and the style is very convenient to carry too.

 Mohawk braids:

 Mohawk braids best box braids styles of 2018

The next top hairstyle in our list is mohawk style. This style will give you that cool and kickass look that will be just perfect for all those beautiful women’s who wants to make that bold statement with their look. With this style, one can experiment with different hair colours to enhance the beauty. This style is trending a lot these days.


Ombre blue box braids:

Ombre blue box braids: best box braids styles of 2018

Everyone wants to try something new when it comes to hairstyle ideas and box braid style is one of those. The style is something which is very easy to maintain and is pretty much of a beautiful one to carry around. In the starting of the braids they are black in colour but from the mid-length, they turn into a blue colour which gives you a beautiful colour effect and makes you stand out from the crowd.


Thin and long box braids with a side part:

Thin and long box braids with a side part: best box braids styles of 2018

This style was a very common style for pop starts back in 90’s and is still rocking with the thin and long box braids. These thin and long braids with side part make you look sexier. The long thin braids which are falling till your waist make you look prettier but sometimes you also feel the heaviness, so the idea is to make them look perfect and pretty at the same time to make a side partition. Doing this, it will do wonders as you can pair this style look with nude lipstick and thick brows to look more bizarre and eye-catching look.


Twist box braids:

Twist box braids: best box braids styles of 2018

This is also one of the top 15 box braids styles of 2019. These twist box braids are the perfect style for long bob hair and they have dip-dyed at the bottom to make the overall look more stunning. You can add the colours to the bottom according to your preference and liking. With this look, you can pair up with thick done brows and some matching heavy jewellery that too matched with a gold nose piercing to harmonize your overall look.


Long silver box braids:

Long silver box braids: best box braids styles of 2018

This is also one of the best box braids style as these gorgeous box braids above have a silver tint. The hairstyle will add more glam to the style and can be carried out in many other different ways in spite of the bold statement. This hairstyle is very simple and easy to carry on a daily basis without putting much effort. This particular box braid style looks perfect on medium length as well as long hair.

The best way to pair this hairstyle look with the tint of lip liner and the contouring of cheekbones will do all the justice. You can wear lashes also to enhance more beauty in your overall look. But if you are one of them who does not like to wear makeup than the simple look will also be the best to compliment the look.


Feed in braids bun:

Feed in braids bun: best box braids styles of 2018

Our next box braid style idea is a gorgeous nosh in braids bun. Braided buns look eye-catching and they are perfect for all seasons whether its spring or summer. You can even beautify your bun with braid cuffs to make yourself look more glamorous and stylish.


Long lemonade braids:

Long lemonade braids: best box braids styles of 2018

This is another box braid gorgeous style look. In this style, you can wear your long braids on either side or with some cool huffy designs. This particular style is inspired by Beyonce and you can rock the look by creating a similar hairdo with some different colours or braid cuffs and then you are all ready to rock this look.


Chunky layered box braids:

Chunky layered box braids: best box braids styles of 2018

The next top box braid style look is chunky layered box braids. As the name suggests, the braids are chunky but they need not be extended.  You can adjust the length of braids according to your preference. This style separates your hair perfectly and neatly and adds more volume to your hair but still, they remain very supple and lean for you to try different other styles of the same size.

The women’s with oval face shape, this style is the perfect compliment for you to try out as it has a side partition that can befall on either side of your face. This look can be pair up with some thick eye makeup to accentuate your features more than usual.


Blonde box braids bob:

Blonde box braids bob: best box braids styles of 2018

Blonde makes a bolder statement to our society but that will not be neglected anymore even if you are women who did not hesitate to try on something new. These blonde box braids are the perfect style for you as the style goes well with the shoulder length hair. Besides this, the braid style is also for you if you have round shaped face, the hair colour is also perfect for this season as it will make your hair look thicker and shinier and also bring more beauty to your eyes.


Short silver braids with open ends:

Short silver braids with open ends: best box braids styles of 2018

False locks are the next in the list of trending styles and one more standout braids design.  But the only thing you have to keep in mind that these braids are kind of heavy and if you are not used to heavy hair than this is not the style for you. This style is best suited for all weather and prevents your hairlines and helps to resume growth. If you have medium length hair you can definitely try this look.

Short twists box braids:

Short twists box braids: best box braids styles of 2018

This is again a very popular top box braids style of 2019. Short twists box braids are the latest braids styles trending these days. They are apt for any occasion and very light and flexible to wear. These braids can be styled by keeping either side and the upper portion will prevent fall your hair directly on the face while talking or eating. This look is the perfect idea for all the seasons and it will prevent your hair from harsh weather conditions too.

Thick braided high bun:

Thick braided high bun: best box braids styles of 2018

At times you feel like going with simplicity but want to add some spark at the same time. This style is perfect for all the beautiful ladies out there who love putting buns as a hairstyle. With this hairstyle, the bun has to be located close to the crown area so it will not make you uncomfortable with the braids heaviness. Extensions will do all the wonders added with the colors to complement the overall look. You can accessorize the look with big earrings which always come handy with all the women and pair with some thick brows to make you more glamorous. Provided if you have baby hair, and you want to show them off to make the overall look more gorgeous you have got all the freedom to try that out.


Pink and trendy tree braids:

Pink and trendy tree braids: best box braids styles of 2018

These braids are also known as micro braids these look very small when tied together but the actual braid is thick box braids. The braids look tiny because braids will start from the roots of your hair, you can also pull your hair into a half down and a half up ponytail. The overall style looks stunning and the pink colour at the bottom will add the smoother look and make your actual skin color glow.

 Senegalese twist bob style:

 Senegalese twist bob style: best box braids styles of 2018

The last but not the least on the list of the popular box braids style is Senegalese twist bob style. The style is very popular among all the African-American women. Many women love this style and this style is not only common between us but the rest of the globe knows about this style as it is very effortless and easy to wear. The style is good for all the women busy in their daily life chores and doesn’t have time to look after new hairstyles trending, best compare the look with some lip tint and eye makeup and you can exhibit your eyebrows little bit. This look is very convenient for all seasons and particularly in summers considering that the weather is always hot in Africa.


Hope you all will get a fair idea with this compiled list of top 15 box braids styles of 2019 and now you can choose one for yourself and keep rocking with some box braids style. With these styles, you can help yourself stand out from the crowd and make that statement of being better than usual. There are many other ways in which you can style box braids and make them give a striking look.