All the beautiful ladies out there, the perfect shape of your brows is very important because it accentuates your face features and will make you look more gorgeous in every ways and means. Eyebrows are just a small part of your face but it still holds a very important space and most of us dedicate a lot of time, concentration and gentle adoring care to them. Just to make them look perfectly fine all the time we brush them, do waxing and plucking unnecessary growth, add brows gel and sometimes we use different brows pencils to fill the gaps in our brows.

To get rid of your unwanted facial hair is something a regular part of the prettiness regime. Threading your eyebrows is also considered to be one of them. Most of the ladies just don’t even think about it before getting their eyebrows done. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind before getting the perfect eyebrows shape.

Did you all know the eyebrow threading is an ancient art, which generally originates from India and other eastern countries such as Egypt, China, and the Arab world? Initially, the services were concentrated in the western part but soon became conventional with Americans and Europeans also counting it in their beauty rulebook.

Threading is normally done by using a thread designed especially such as folded once and twisted and rolled over the eyebrow. It can be done by using tweezers but tweezers will consume a lot of time and are good for removing facial hair or one strand at a time wherein threading removes a row at a time.

Here, we have compiled the list of 15 things you need to know before going for an eyebrow threading:

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1: Choosing the right saloon:

Choosing the right saloon for right service: eyebrow threading precaution

It’s not always true that every person who owns a salon can be able to handle the thread perfectly which in a way Sounds palpable, you just have to be careful while choosing the right place for you to get your brows done.

Threading your Eyebrow is one of the most precise ways to give your eyebrows perfect shape and clean up your brows. Those who have tried the traditional art technique will agree that it is the best way to groom your eyebrows. Threading can be done by using threads specially designed, folded once, twisted and rolled over the eyebrow and it removes a complete row of facial hairs at a time.

2: How does eyebrow threading work:

How does eyebrow threading work effectively: eyebrow threading precaution

With the help of tweezers, we can only remove single hair which can be pulled out one at a time while threading can only remove short rows of hair. Advantages of eyebrow threading, as compare to eyebrow waxing, is that it provides more accurate control in forming a perfect shape of eyebrows and is tender on the skin.

In threading, there is a thin thread which is doubled and then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of extra unwanted hair growth, now the plucking of the hair at the follicle stage. Not like tweezing, where single hair strains are pulled out one at a time, but with the help of threading, we can remove short rows of hair.


3: How to make threading hurt less:

how to make threading hurt less few things to keep in mind: eyebrow threading precaution

When it comes to threading your brows you have to prepare well enough to deal with the pain which is coming in your way but there are few tips and tricks which will help you to overcome with the pain. First and most importantly, hold your skin in a stretched position tightly to the accurate extent so that you can prevent your skin from getting cut with the thread. Your beautician has to guide you well throughout the process, ask her specifically how you have to hold it for doing it for the first time. You have to hold the skin carefully so that it cannot slip out of your grip.

The second most important thing which you have to keep in mind is that if you already have gone through the process of threading before, you must be aware that you have to use talcum powder during the process. Talcum powder helps you to reduce the moisture of the skin before threading and it makes the skin even without abrasion. After using talcum powder your beautician can see the hair clearly and it will be easier for her to pluck them clearly, it will give your eyebrows perfect shape and size.


4: Threading before and after facial:

Threading before and after facial hair removal: eyebrow threading precaution

This is the most common question, as all of us always get confused with it but the idea is to get your threading done after you are done with the facial. keep in mind that you should avoid washing or scrubbing your face just after facial. … Avoid plucking eyebrows or steaming your face. Your skin is very sensitive after the facial and can easily cut while plucking or threading. You have to leave the skin to let it relax for some time.

Avoid exfoliating your skin in the sunny days of your facial hair threading appointment. When your skin is exfoliated and comes in contact with directly under the sun, it becomes more sensitive with threading, and this might lead to redness. This is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and it is a key to make your skin less sensitive before threading.


5: How long does threading eyebrows last:

How long does eyebrow threading last precisely: eyebrow threading precaution

This also comes under the top 15 things you need to know while going for eyebrow threading as it always depends on your hair type and area of the face. The full re-growth of eyebrows will be anywhere in 2 to 6 weeks. Hair will start growing back sparse and finer after the repeated threading also because hair is pulled out from the roots, which gets destabilized through this process.

In general, some of the ladies like to clean the extra growth by using tweezers at home after two weeks of threading but some would like to reshape their eyebrows after four to five weeks.


6: You will experience some discomfort:

You will experience some discomfort while threading your eyebrow: eyebrow threading precaution

The top 15 things you need to know when going for eyebrow threading that it will make you experience little discomfort and it is very difficult to explain how painful it is getting your eyebrows threaded actually. For some of the pretty ladies waxing is more painful than threading while some say that threading is more painful than waxing. If you are really worried about the pain than you should ask your beautician to demonstrate it on your hands so that you can get a fair idea about what it is going to feel like.


7: Don’t wear a lot of makeup before getting your brows threading:

Dont Wear lot of makeup before getting your brows threading: eyebrow threading precaution

If you are one of those girls who like to put a lot of makeup like an eyeshadow, liner, false lashes, mascara, brow products, and glitters then please try and leave the makeup off before going for threading appointment. The reason is that the entire products can create a problem for your beautician to help you give the perfect brows shape.

Brow makeup makes it harder to see what exactly the extra hair growth needs to remove so wearing a lot of makeup is not a good idea before eyebrow threading. The makeup covers all the fine baby hair which need to be plucked through the thread though it is important to clean the brows before tweezing them there is always a risk of the leftover residue.


8: Redness is common in some cases:

Redness is so common in some cases after eyebrow threading: eyebrow threading precaution

Sometimes you just want to feel like getting your eyebrows done when there is an upcoming event or you want to attend any function but here you just have to keep in mind that you can experience some redness after the threading procedure if you have a sensitive skin. It will normally fade away after a couple of hours or a day or so. Just tell your beautician specifically if you have an allergy with some products or cream so that after threading they should avoid its use to prevent any further irritation.

The redness is common in some cases especially if you have a very sensitive skin and if you want to treat redness than you can apply rose water to give the cooldown effect. Besides this, you can even use Aloe Vera to heal your skin.


9: Not all technicians are equal:

Not all technician are eqaul in threading your eyebrows: eyebrow threading precaution

The important thing which you should be sure of is that before going for threading you should keep in mind that you should find a qualified beautician for threading. If you go to someone who is not well versed with the beauty procedure they might irritate the skin. If threading is not done properly it may cause hair breaks off instead of being completely removed. Do your research well before going to someone.

Threading is an ancient technique, it is for over 6,000 years and is not only precise, but it is also a long-term solution for all kind of hair, as it pulls each and every hair strain.

10: It will make your eyebrows in a super precise shape:

It will make your eyebrows in super precise shape after threading: eyebrow threading precaution

The most amazing thing about getting your brow threading is that your beautician is really artistic and can create exactly the shape you are looking for. Threading will give you the super precise shape to your eyebrows and they can even help you to remove those tiny little strains which you are not able to pluck with the help of tweezers.

11: what is the shape of your face?

What is the shape of your face for eyebrow threading: eyebrow threading precaution

The next step in the top 15 things you need to know while going for eyebrow threading is that what is the shape your face, according to which you can decide the perfect shape of your eyebrows. If you want to hide your pointy sharp chin, or you want to draw attention away from your round shaped cheeks, or else you want to make your eyes look fuller. If you have a diamond face shape, you are likely to have wider cheekbones. To accentuate your facial features it is important for you to always have a clear idea of the shape of your eyebrows you are looking to create.

12: Avoid catching the skin between the threads:

Avoid catching the skin between threads when doing eyebrow threading: eyebrow threading precaution

If you’re doing it by yourself at home, you have to keep few things in mind and this is one of them to prevent the painful catching of the skin between threads by leasing the thread drift slightly above the skin’s surface.

However, you are getting your eyebrows done from the local salon but it is always important to specifically tell your beautician not to make them too thin to avoid any panic afterwards. Just make sure to always select one beautician for you, to avoid any change in shape or any gap between your perfect brows. You should always ask for help if you are not comfortable to pull your skin tight while threading.

13: One at a time:

One at a time eyebrow threading: eyebrow threading precaution

The next important thing you should always keep in mind that whenever you are going for threading, make sure that it should be done one by one. Hence, if you already have been there before you must be aware of the process of threading but if you are visiting for the first time just ask for the help from the expert who is doing it. Experts are there to guide you throughout the process and you will be asked to pull your eyelids in opposite direction to make it easier for the beautician.

14: Be careful with the weird side effects:

Be careful with the weird side effects: eyebrow threading precaution

The next in the list of top 15 things you need to know while going for eyebrow threading is that you must be thinking that it is just your eyebrows getting threaded but you may experience your eyes getting watery or harsh a bit. In some cases, people start sneezing or may their nose becomes itchy but if you feel any uncomfortable it’s important for you to speak up and tell your beautician ASAP. The effect of threading varies from person to person and some find it difficult because of their sensitive skin but the experts pull out the hair with care and caution.

15: Communication with the beautician is important:

Communication with the beutician is important: eyebrow threading precaution

The last but not least, the thing that you should know while going for eyebrow threading is that before you should go to any beautician you just have to explain him or her that what kind of shape you want for your brows. And if you just want to remove the extra hair from your brows, you just have to be very careful while communicating with the beautician, don’t assume that they already know that what is your requirement. Let them know if you want any other shape of your brows and show them the pictures if you have any.

16. Conclusion

So, there is no chance of going back once you have started with the threading of your brows but trust me, ladies, seriously, it is a perfect solution to get better eyebrows no matter what you’re starting with. If you are new to the ancient Indian hair removal techniques, let us make you aware of the techniques and ideas mentioned above. The threading technique is not at all scary but will give you that gorgeous face that you cannot resist admiring and loving all the time.