If you have even the least interest in applying eyeshadow, then you must be aware of the fact that, the right brushes are a complete game changer for your outlook. Try all these special brushes listed below and you will get to know that one serves a distinctly different purpose. No matter whether your go-to-technique involves a closed banana crease, a smokey eye concept or a dramatic cut crease. Some basic ideology about the eyeshadow requires the knowledge of various brushes and their usage. Such as; The Blending Brush is one of the most popular brush that will help to execute most eyeshadow looks. The best brush for applying primer on your eyes and the color, you must go with the Shader Brush. The Crease Brush is known well for its thin bristles which touches the crease line and make it more dimensional and add contour. Another most essential brush would be a Pencil brush or a Thin Eyeliner brush to play around with eyeshadow and apply it on upper and lower lashlines. It can also be used for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes. They give a perfect cut-crease to your look.

Even if you are a newbie in the world of brushes and get confused with such a huge number of varieties in bristles, brands, and their functions- then here is our roundup of what is the best out there for you:

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1. Bobbi brown eye sweep brush :

Bobbi brown eye sweep brush: 2018

This Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush is one the best investments you can make. It owes you a luxurious feel and a premium quality. You can create a number of eye makeup looks with it, since it has soft bristles and a rounded shape to comfort you. With this, you can go for dramatic eyes to subtle daytime shadow and defining. The speciality of this brush is that it applies the right amount of shadow to the crease and lower lid. It can also be used to apply the base color over the entire lid. Its job can be done by one easy swipe. The only con you may find out here is that it might be a bit costlier among all. Still, it is recommended because of its versatility, easy to use and clean behaviour. Its most highlighting feature is that it will last for a really long period of time without shedding.

2. NARS blending eyeshadow #42 :

NARS blending eyeshadow #42 2018

This is a personal recommendation by makeup artists. They love NARS and its makeup brushes for their unbeatable quality and durability. It has soft bristles and long handles which make them easy to use and friendly in makeup tutorials. It makes them classy and solid to use and hold as a professional makeup artist’s tool. It will never become worn-out, no matter how many times you will use it or wash it. This is because of its fluffy, round and natural bristles which enhance the tool look and later your outlook. You can also use this brush to apply the base eyeshadow and even for the application of powder underneath the eyes to set the concealer as well. It is mainly recommended for applying the high-shimmer shadows and it also blends effortlessly without leaving any traces of harsh lines. At least give it a try and it will surely become your go-to brush for blending and diffusing various makeup colors seamlessly. This can be turned into a perfect choice if you have high makeup budget decided. Since it is a multipurpose and high-quality brush which is very easy to use.

3. Sigma Beauty E55 eyeshadow brush :

 Sigma Beauty E55 eyeshadow brush : 2018

This is one of the best brushes from the Sigma Beauty. It is featured with a soft and squared brush head with a little-rounded edge. It is so impressive that how smoothly the eyeshadow went on and looks like there was a pro to do that. It comes with all the controls you ever wanted for your makeup outlook. This has been often used by the professionals for an overall application of the shadow color and also to blend the out the eyeshadow on the crease line and the best part is, it won’t fall upon you. Also, this product from Sigma Beauty is a great option for Asian Eyes. It is super affordable and worth spending your time and money. The only thing you need to avoid with this is to avoid using it for cream eyeshadows. Rest it is précised and great for even application. It is very sturdy and well-made which makes them easy to use. It is often cruelty-free.

4. Japonesque dual fibre eye brush set:

Japonesque dual fibre eye brush set: 2018

These trio brush combination from Japonesque Dual Fibre eye brush is a must-have package for the craftsmanship with the high-quality bristles which are bang on eye makeup. Professional often bought this while travelling because this combo pack is so compact and travel-friendly. Experts love the crease brush which applies eyeshadow precisely into the crease and leaves the person with an expertly blended look. The detailing brush is always greater for defining and precisely detailing work and the fluff shadow brush blends product out amazingly. These brushes are just perfect for those who have hooded eyes and for those who have smaller eyelids. These brushes are very easy to use and quite durable. It has dense bristles to get highly saturated colors on. This combo contains fluff shadow brush, crease brush and detailer brush. These quality brushes are quite affordable but one should be aware that the handles are on the shorter side.

5. Lancome Round Angled Shadow Brush :

Lancome Round Angled Shadow Brush

Professionals use this brush for several reasons and it does not disappoint in any of them. This is a multi-purpose brush and also uniquely shaped. It is great in dealing with the application of eyeshadow on the over-all eyelids. It is mastered in diffusing the eyeshadow pigmentation perfectly and also softens the eye contour colors. It is very easy to use and it has high durability. This longevity I owned due to its natural hair bristles. This maintains the shape of it for a longer period of time and gives them a perfect size. Experts highly recommend this brush for your eyeshadow brush collection. It has natural and no synthetic hair bristles.  It gives a luxurious feeling while holding these brushes. It consists of tampered edges which allow them for softening blenders. It is good for those who have settled high makeup budget set up… It is worth saying a value for money product.

6. Morphe M433 pro firm blending fluff eyeshadow brush:

Morphe M433 pro firm blending fluff eyeshadow brush: 2018

The Morphe M433-Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush is made up of Goat hair brushes. It can easily pick up and spread your shadows smoothly and beautifully by its texture which is made for smooth finishing. Experts use this mainly to sweep product across the lids and not so much for picking up the pigmentation from the eyeshadow palette. It is specialized in blending out edges and diffusing the shadows for a proper air-brushes finish. Experts are so impressed by finding out amazing quality at such a low price. Professionals call it perfect for transiting shades and blending. They often look forward to trying out the new Morphe brushes in the future. These brushes are not much recommended for the cream-based shadows. These are easy to use and durable for long-lasting use since made up of natural hair. It seamlessly blends out the powder based shadows. It works well revealing the best highlights of your makeup.

7. Makeup forever 216 medium precision eye blender brush :

Makeup forever 216 medium precision eye blender brush: 2018

Have you ever felt uneasy in your makeup because of having small eyelids and wanted an eyeshadow brush to help you with your crease and accent color? Then it is definitely the solution for your answer. People generally don’t like natural hair brushes because some are vegan and do not prefer to use it. But this one made up of soft and lovely synthetic bristle hair is a love for everyone. Since the brush head is notably small so it comes with a long wooden handle to balance the holding properly. The quality which keeps this brush out of the crowd is its dense brush head. Experts believe it to be the perfect blending tool for smudging and applying the contrast colors to the crease beautifully. It is an expert in depositing colors precisely and blending it out like a dream. It is surely worth trying. Although its long handle may get in the way if you want to get close to the mirror while applying your makeup.  But this problem does not stand in front of the fine look and premium feel that comes out after a perfect application. This comes up with great quality and perfects to avoid smudging.

8. Hourglass all-over eyeshadow brush no.3 :

Hourglass all-over eyeshadow brush no.3: 2018

The hourglass brush is one of the most impulsive purchases among the makeup artists. This turns out to be one of the favourites among the professional makeup people. It is impressive beyond expectations. It has soft, multitone Taklon bristles and gunmetal colored handle. It is an all-time helpful ready to go brush, no matter you are planning for a natural, daytime look or a heavy, full-blown eyeshadow look but in both ways, it does a fantastic job. It is expert in packing color evenly and also in wedging your shadow right into the crease. This helps in showcasing the correct color placement. However, it is not much recommended for the people with smaller eyelids as its size may be a little too big for them. It is also friendly to those makeup freaks who settle a high budget for their makeup products. Since it is a bit expensive in comparison with others.  But still preferred because of the densely packed and slightly tapered bristles. It is well known that Taklon bristles are extremely soft and it provides beautiful texture with the outlook. Another most attractive feature it has is the speciality in the bristles which have antibacterial properties. It is very light weighted and so the handle feels comfortable to hold. It is worth buying for good results.

9. Kat Von D shade + Light eye contour brush:

Kat Von D shade + Light eye contour brush: 2018

This eyeshadow brush by Kat Von D is designed for contouring eye. It is a unique dual-ended eyeshadow brush. It comes under a brush case of its own kind. Makeup lovers are attracted to it because of its super fancy packaging. The brush is made up of very soft and synthetic bristles for comfortable makeup. It is known for a great job at the précised placement of shadow in the crease and outer V. It is also expert in diffusing harsh edges well. This is made up of fine synthetic bristles which do not allow the absorbance of cream-based products. So you can use this with your creamy eyeshadow products. This is a perfect brush product for people with high expenses. Experts use this brush for smoking out the eyeliner and creating a more sultry effect. This brush is dual ended with soft bristles which make them easy to use and handle while makeup.

10. Docolor fantasy eyeshadow brush:

Docolor fantasy eyeshadow brush: 2018

These brushes are available exclusively on some online sites. These brushes instantly remind of rainbows and unicorns. This set has six eye makeup brushes which include a concealer brush, an angled brush, an eyeshadow brush, a flat blender brush, a blending brush, and a thin liner brush. With these pretty tools, you can try several new looks and yet will be left surprised at the end as each makeup done. These brushes are fancy to be used for every highlighting event and avoid regular usage. The speciality of this brand is that it offers a 30-day replacement or money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product of service. Isn’t that worth trying this beautiful brush set? It is an under budget tool for your makeup kit. These soft and synthetic bristles are cruelty-free and give comfort to your eyes and highlight the grace to the fullest.


Now that you have seen the best among all the collection with their qualities, it must be easy for you to choose and make up your kit soon. But before moving to shop always remember some of the handy tips for picking out eyeshadow brushes, their functions and a few things you can do to maintain them. Since it about valuing your money and utilizing the most of it. Various precautions need to be taken while dealing with such delicate tools for likewise delicate organ of the body i.e. Eyes. Such as; You should never use alcohol-based spot cleaners on your natural haired brushes as this will damage the bristles. But it is recommended to use a daily brush cleanser after every use besides the deep-cleaning which you must do once every one or two weeks. It is very important to maintain the bristles in shape otherwise, they won’t be smooth and they will wear out sooner besides the risk of bacteria and dirt growing on the bristles.

It is said that eyes are the most conspicuous elements on out face. And if some color and a bunch of eyeshadow brushes are applied to it, this will further enhance the beauty, so be it. So, this was our pick of the 10 best eyeshadow brushes. If you find the article useful then please share your views and the feedback after using these brushes for a healthy makeup look. All the best!