All the women must have to agree with the fact that massage is a well-known anti-ageing and a great therapy for relaxation followed by all over the world. We are mentioning five great advantages of doing a face massage.

The most important point and the benefit is that a face massage releases all the stress and tension. If you are having stress or tension it can easily show visibly on your facial expression and this can lead to wrinkles and make you look older than your actual age. With the help of the face massager tool, it can relieve all the tension from your face and also relaxes the face muscles, which makes your face look much younger than before.

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One key advice that you should always follow while massaging your face is that keep doing the massage in an upward motion to just to prevent sagging of the facial muscles and skin and help in looking younger. The next important advantage is that face massage improves blood circulation and provides you with several benefits.

Just massage gently in a circular motion on all over the face and the neck part also which will immediately improve your blood circulation. If the circulation of the blood is good then you can feel your glowing face as it improves the skin texture also and speeds up healing.

By doing regular face massage you can lift your skin naturally. With the help of massage, it can improve and increase the quality of oxygen in the face, which increases collagen production, making the face healthy and gives it a natural glow. A face massage translates into a natural anti-ageing treatment and a facelift.

A face massage will help the effectiveness of the products you are using on your face. If you are doing a regular massage on your face the skin on the face nicely absorbs all the face products you use, thereby improves their effectiveness also.

If you are regularly massaging your face it will definitely make you look younger and more attractive. Since a face massage stimulates the skin of the face, rejuvenates and acts as a natural facelift, regular face massaging makes your face look healthier and younger. This muscle stimulation along with regular face care will improve the overall appearance of your skin by stimulating blood flow and giving your face a youthful, glowing complexion.

I know most of the women are aware of the benefits which we get from massaging our face regularly. A good face massager is also extremely useful as it gives you a great face massage, also saves your efforts and time and if you do it regularly for a few minutes every day or a couple of times in a week for about good fifteen to twenty minutes, it will provide you skin quality by giving you a younger look by smoothening out wrinkles, shrinking pores on your facial skin and making you glow with a fresh radiance.

Selecting a good face massager is such a difficult task to accomplish, as the biggest plus point is that you can get an experience of a saloon face massage by sitting at comfortably in your home. The next big advantage is that it is quite affordable and yet a simple tool that will last for a long time. For all the newbie’s all the money and time you would have spent at a salon or spa will be saved outright and I can assure you will be able to massage your face on a routine basis and hence, get much more advantages out of it.

1. PIXNOR P2017 Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager: 


This face massager Nova NFM 2507 is one of the most favoured face massagers amongst women. As this face massager gives you a wide variety of massage heads. It comes with a very useful soft sponge cleaning head and it has several different kinds of massaging heads. Types of heads are available comprises a ball massage head, sandpaper massage head, soft massager head to a brush cleaning head. The massager is equipped with 2 AA batteries. This can effectively work on the areas like massaging the head, face, eyes etc.

2. JSB HF Facial Massager:

JSB HF15 Facial Massager 2018

The next is in the list of top 10 best facial massagers is JSB HF This facial massage machine is the perfect accumulation to all your facial massage needs. This one works fine and ideal for both men and women. The tool is equipped with two-speed vibration settings so that you can choose the speed according to your need and preference. It has a soft silicone head which help you do the massage very comfortably and easily.

Few important points about this device are that it is quite handy facial massager which easily fits inside your pocket. It has Silicon Brush Head, it has two-speed vibrations for effective massage and the next important benefit is that you can wash it and res use it. There are many other important reviews which has been given by the public such as, this is a perfect massaging tool with strong vibration, it is easy to handle, it suits every type of skin and it is one of the great purchase at a very affordable price.

3. Floweryua 5-In-1 Smoothing Facial Massager:

Buyerzone 5-In-1 Smoothing Facial Massager: Best Facial Massager 2018

The next massaging tool in the list is this 5 in 1 facial massager machine from Floweryua and it is one of the best buys and provides you with five features in a single one massager. It comes with a crude polish accessory to rip the tough skin and cut in off; Latex soft sponge for cheeks and eye massage; make-up sponge to massage and clean skin; soft brush to clear all the scurf clings on the surface; and roller massager to make better blood circumstances fro skin aging. Important points to keep in mind about this product are that it has a rolling massager also comes with the soft brush, crude polish accessory with latex soft sponge and along with the makeup sponge.

There are some of the Reviews by the public regarding this device is that it is quite easy to use, by using this device you can never get any type of skin reaction because it is skin friendly product and also it is one of the handy facial massagers.

4. JSB HF15 Facial Massager:

JSB HF15 Facial Massager: Best Facial Massager 2018

This facial massager is one of the cost-effective solutions for peoples of all age group. The device is very effective and takes care of your entire personal skin care regime that too comfortably from your home. It can also take daily care of your skin and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It will help your skin by cleaning it deeply from inside. This device comes along with a makeup sponge which helps you to clean your makeup at night. Also, the crude polish accessory helps to clean up rough surfaces like elbow, ankle, and knee joint. Few important advantages of this device are that it has 3 attachments including make-up brush, soft brush, and crude polish accessory also it is a good and compatible unisex devise. This device also cleans your skin deeply. Some other Reviews about this device that it works perfectly, it exfoliates your skin nicely with the help of its rotating heads. Massage very gently and not too harsh on the skin and it is quite reasonable for the price.

5. Softmusic  5 in 1 Face Cleaner Massager:

MCP 5 in 1 Face Cleaner Massager: Best Facial Massager 2018

This facial massager is a very good tool if you want to get rid of your wrinkles and it also removes the dark spots under your eyes as well as acne and scars. This device is a very light weighted machine that you can use daily at home for maintaining a good and healthy skin. It comes with 5 features to help you in getting an effective facial massage. Some important features of this device are that it has the Latex soft sponge for eye and cheeks massaging, it has a Make-up sponge connected to massage and clean your skin. It is a rolling feature massager with a soft brush to clean the scurf clings on the skin and comes with a Crude polish accessory to rip the tough skin and cut in off.

Public Reviews about this device is that it really performs well on skin, cleanse your skin deeply and comes with crude polish accessory.

6. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Face Massager:

Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Face Massager: Best Facial Massager 2018

Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Face Massager is one of the best face massager machines from the brand Lakme. If you are looking for the glowing skin, then this massager is definitely the perfect one for you. It is one of the effective facial massagers which helps you with the better blood circulation. The regular use of it makes you feel the lighter skin. Some important features involve that it is one of the better options for your blood circulation also make your skin glowing with the routine use, great for lightning up the skin. Latex sponge massager helps for better spreading the light cream.

7. PIXNOR P2016:

PIXNOR P2016: Best Facial Massager 2018

Those women who are really obsessed with makeup but find removing it much more annoying and less fun than applying. If you wash your skin directly with the makeup it can lead in rash and skin irritation. Also, it is one of the tiring procedures to remove your makeup which may take quite a while. We are discussing some solution to this problem. With the use of this particular Pixnor Face massager with a makeup remover it will help you wipe off all unwanted miscellany of mascara, lipstick, and powder from the face and makes your skin soothe and moisturize as well.

Important points:

The first important eye-catching thing is that it is a unique massager design bevelled at 90 degrees and comes with 7 types of different massaging heads for different body areas. The device assures you to provide best massaging effect through its performance and it is quite a reasonable product to go for. So, what’s there in the box that we’ve liked so much? The main Exfoliating Head which can be used for deep cleansing and skin stimulating procedures. Routine daily skin treatments with the one will bring visible results and skin renewal. Latex soft sponge is a great feature which will help to removable under you dark circles. The Sponge is available with the help of a sponge you can remove leftover makeup product effectively and quickly without intense scrubbing such as mascara lipstick, eyeliner, kajal etc. Rolling massage head can improve blood circulation and contribute to collagen yield. Those people who have sensitive skin, the use of soft brush may be more preferable. Use the long ultra-fine brush in combination with cream, oil or gel to moisturize skin and enhance its appearance. I am sure that most of the customers agree on the obvious benefits of vibrating massage, so this massager has got one. Vary intensity settings and direct the head with a vibration on onto different zones for muscle relaxation. The best part about this PIXNOR Facial massager is that it is not bound to a power outlet and you can keep it handy along with your travel locations also. Just keep in mind to keep extra batteries along with you so that you can make full utilization of this device before running out with batteries.

8. Alpha Baltic Platinum electronic roller:

Alpha Baltic Platinum electronic roller: Best Facial Massager 2018

This is the fact that many people decide the purchase of the product according to its price. This is one way of saving money but at the same, we grow distrustful if the prices of the product are low. This is quite understandable, for it’s very easy to be fooled and end up with a poor quality thing. This is not the case which is going to happen to you if you will choose Alpha Ballic electronic roller massager. This product is not just with reasonable prices but also, it boasts more than sufficient operating functions to come useful for everyday use. The massager is equipped with 2 massaging points bevelled to rotate at a special angle covering more body per pass. The handle with a wider bit at the head comfortably lays in hand providing ergonomics and additional convenience during use. Also, there are some important other things that make it even more special and a must buy the product. The massager goes well with all skin types and usable for all age types. Rollers are coated with Platinum it makes sure to do not cause any allergy and skin irritation in spite of a type of skin on which it’s used. So if you want to get rid of all your unwanted skin problems and they are annoying you more than anything else you should definitely try this massager. Use it for face and other body zones with maximum comfort!

Sun power:

Just to make this facial massager more adaptable and environmentally-friendly, it is manufactured with the well equipped solar panel. It is made up of high technology! There is no battery and no power required to keep it running. All you need is keep the handle under the sun rays and not blanks its panel. Alpha Ballic facial massager is more effective when it is used in open air and refreshes body skin and being charged at a time. The microcurrent consequence allows total relaxation and an implausible feeling of positive skin treatments at all times.

9. OKACHI GLIYA 7635W1 Wireless:

OKACHI GLIYA 7635W1 Wireless: Best Facial Massager 2018

This OKACHI GLIYA 7635W1 wireless exfoliates Your Skin deeply and if you are dreaming of healthy, smooth, and radiant skin this is one of the best choices for you. It’s all about exfoliation of the skin well on a daily basis. This face scrubber can effectively remove makeup, reduce acne, dark spots and post-acne scars.

This facial massager is equipped with two nozzles for both types of skin normal and sensitive skin. This particular device rotates in 360° clockwise and counterclockwise, the incredibly thin bristles goes deep inside your skin to unclog pores, remove dirt and blackheads, and relieve acne. After deep cleansing with this gentle facial brush, the nourishing creams will be absorbed into your skin more effectively, making it more glowing and healthy.

It has two 2 adjustable speeds so that you can choose according to your speed and preference. Try this brush and enjoy clean and vibrant skin from the very first use!

This device has a unique feature that it is waterproof and the outer case of this device is made of rubberized silicone and complies with the IPX7 standard. Hence, it is clear that you can use this tool safely while taking a bath or shower. The ergonomic shape of the anti-skid grip of the device will not allow the device to slip out of your wet hands so that you can make maximum utilization of this device by relaxing and enjoying a gentle massage.

10: Lifetrons beaute Ultimate-316 Sonic Ionic:

Lifetrons beaute Ultimate-316 Sonic Ionic: Best Facial Massager 2018

If you are extremely worried about your dark circles under your eyes than this facial massager plays an important role in removing them perfectly.

Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Ionic Under-Eye & Face Massager is a perfect device for massaging your face and specifically on the areas under your eyes, lips, forehead, and eyebrows. You have to do it 3-4times in a week, and for 10 minutes each, this will help you to get rid of the unwanted dark circles under your eyes. This device is very effective to remove all the wrinkles from your face and preserve the elasticity of your skin. There is an additional advantage of this massager which will not only give you face massage but will also knead your neck and arms. If you want deep message it is a great advice to knead your skin using special massage gels or creams as they will maximize the effect from massaging. It is equipped with high tech nozzles which can combine the ultrasound massaging with the impact of negative ions. This is a great combination which assures you a deep and very effective skin massage also prevent your skin from rash, acne, and other skin problems. Moreover, a better blood circulation facilitates the healing of wounds and scars as well as improves muscle tone. After the whole massaging procedure your face will look better than before and it will be a lot elastic. Enjoy being fresh and beautiful!

This is a multifunctional USB Device and this face massaging tool is very convenient in use since the USB port is hidden under the removable cover. You don’t have to buy AA batteries; you just have to recharge the battery of this massager from time to time. Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Ionic Under-Eye & Face Massager is a very popular brand of the users and all over the world because it gives them a chance to perform a massage session at home, at work, and even in a gym. There are 2 intensity modes you can choose from. In case you wish to relax at the end of your working day, switch Steady mode on. If you want to boost yourself up, choose Pulse massage intensity mode! The device comes with free essential oil so that you can perform a deep kneading of your facial tissues. Of course, if you use some oils now and they cause no irritations, you are welcome to apply them before massaging. Taking care of your skin has never been so easy!

In the end, the idea is always to get a good Massage on your face and it is the best way to get rid of all your stress and tension. And if it is about your face you just have to pay little more attention mostly if you have a sensitive skin. The Face Massager Machines is equipped with so many advantages and benefits. We have to keep in mind that our face is one of the sensitive regions of our body, so it needs some extra care. Also, everyone wants to regain their youth as well as wants an attractive appearance as long as possible. The facial massager machines are very helpful in rejuvenating your facial skin.


Here in this article, we have compiled the list of Top 10 best facial massager and this is all about the best face massager machines of the year 2019 which is really very effective to make your make your skin healthier and also relax it from the stress. Taking the services from a good beauty salon is not always affordable for everyone. So here with the help of this article you can decide and puck your desired piece of face massager machines and they are quite affordable way out for all your facial massage needs from the comfort of your home.