All the beautiful women out there, you’re the modern woman who is busy in a million directions throughout the day and night. Be in the hassle of the office meetings, the deadlines, assignments to complete, and a home to take care of. In the hectic schedule of everyday life, the conditioning and nourishment of hair is one thing that is left out and it faces the brunt of complete negligence. But Stop worrying now as the modern highlights are not only stylish and elegant but also equally beneficial for your hair care. These modern highlights are trending now and will take good care of your hair as well.

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1. Brown Sugar highlights

Brown sugar hair highlight idea 2018

If you ever wanted to be a blonde but cannot take the risk of going to the extreme, this is the best-suited highlight for you. The dark hair is blended with heavy golden highlights to achieve the wonderful combination of light and dark. The dark roots and golden highlights make your hair have a depth and look capacious.

2. Hint of Auburn highlights for black hair

Hint of Auburn highlights for black hair ideas 2018

This hair colour is breathtaking and modest. The Auburn look is so classy and graceful that the passerby is bound to ask about the highlight used in the hair. The dark brown hair is blended with rich auburn brown to give the hair this warm and gracious look. The gradient of the Auburn is dense at the end and merges with the dark brown natural colour towards the root.

3. Warm Brown hair highlight colour

Warm Brown hair highlight colour ideas 2018

If you are working women and the looks do matter than warm brown hair color idea is the highlight for you. The copper shades are so miraculously blended in the natural brown hair that it is bound to steal the hearts of all the office staff. This tone can also be matched with black hair. The highlights are only placed in a section all around the hair giving a feel of a crown on the head. The warm brown highlight has its own aura and is famous for the subtle and delicate love vibes flowing around with the hair. This is the best hair colour for 2018.

4. Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

If you are a girl who loves experimenting with the looks then this mix of copper and burgundy is the highlight which you are looking for. The burgundy gives you a sassy look and copper brings calmness and depth in your look. A blend of low-lights, copper and burgundy with a quirky attitude goes hand in hand and gives a boost to your confidence.

5. Honey Highlights

 Honey Highlights

The perfect sun-kissed look for a beach party to show your groovy attitude. The honey highlights are placed in a thick portion which gives a warm and cold look. The honey highlights are best suited with black hair which in turn brings glow on the complete face. The random curly patterns of thick honey highlights give a feel of sea waves on the hair.

6. Heavy Blonde Highlights

Heavy Blonde Highlights ideas 2018

This style is though off the charts but is never off the hook. Stacked hair can be classy is proved by this style. It would definitely surprise all the girls you meet in your friend zone. The deep roots are left black while light blonde and bronze are mixed to give stunning low-light effect. If you have stacked hair and is looking for volume, just go and grab this fabulous off the charts look.

7. Deep Caramel Balayage Highlights

 Deep Caramel Balayage Highlights

If you have sharp features on the face this deep caramel balayage would just accentuate the features more and would be a perfect match for your face. Highlight your hair with mahogany shade with a blend of robust caramel to achieve this jaw-dropping look. The only requirement of this look is straight hair, once your hair straightens, ohh! girl, you are so much ready for partying whole night.

8. Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights ideas 2018

Medium brown hair with blonde highlights is the look which is always trending. Whoever sees the highlight always says- wow we love it. The natural brown hair is just highlighted with golden blonde in sunny sections. This look adds dimension to your personality and gives you an advantage as you become noticeable in the crowd. The shade of dark brown and blonde add depth and gives dimension to your hair.

9. Brownie Highlights

 Brownie Highlights

Brownie is one thing that no one can deny. If you have black hair and you are looking for highlights, brownie highlights are the combination to go for. Show your love for a sweet treat of brownie by sporting this sinful sweet sugar coated look. The subtle golden highlight runs through the natural rich brown chocolaty hair to make it a sought-after colourful combination.

10 Hair Highlights for Dark Complexion

10.Hair Highlights for Dark Complexion ideas 2018

This hair colour style is a very attractive hair colour inspiration for all the dark and wheatish complexions. The copper-gold streaks below the mid-length of the wavy hair and a dark root colour makes it stunning. Copper looks amazing on dark and wheatish skin tones and has an astounding impression as it sets the benchmark of simplicity. The copper is so well textured that it simply amplifies the character and boosts the confidence in you.

11. Glossed Autumn Highlights for Medium Brown Hair

Glossed Autumn Highlights for Medium Brown Hair ideas 2018

Everything that shines may not be gold but yes it attracts the attention of each and everyone who is looking at this wonderful and astounding hairstyle. The highlights have been glossed on in sections of shifting thickness and they are dense at the front and at lower-portion of the hair. The perfect blend of gloss and highlights make you flawlessly geared up for grooving in the late night parties.

12. Flawless Spring Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Flawless Spring Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair ideas 2018

The waves on this hairstyle give a feel of a serene waterfall. It seems as if a renowned artist has created a masterpiece in the hair while he was in a state of trance. The beautiful wavy masterpiece must have been the artist’s work of a lifetime. The hair fades from a dark brown to beautiful light brown as if waterfalls in the waterfall and leaves everyone mesmerized by its flawless beauty and serenity.

13. Cherry Red Highlights for Brown Hair

 Cherry Red Highlights for Brown Hair ideas 2018

Whatever be the hairstyle trending, a bold red tone over the black or brown hair never goes out of style. Thus it would have been deplorable to exclude this style from the list. The cherry red streaks on brown or black hair can steal everyone’s heart. The red streaks are seamlessly assorted in this straight hairstyle to make everyone awestruck.

14. Black hair with Rainbow Highlight

Black hair with Rainbow Highlights ideas 2018black hair highlighted with rainbow tones are among the best looks that is available in the market. This style incorporates high contrast by the rainbow streaks and the dark black hair very close to the roots. As you watch over the complete hairstyle it gives an enticing feel of a rainbow created by a beautiful chemistry between the rains and the sun.

15. Ombre Highlights for Long Hair

Ombre Highlights for Long Hair

The French word Ombre has taken the highlight industry to another sphere. The word “Ombre” means to gradually fade. This phenomenon has been well adopted by the hair stylists and the Ombre hairstyle is created. In this style, the roots are kept dark and the hair is gradually lightened to achieve this masterpiece of creativity. The color for Omber-ing can be chosen and may vary from blonde, burgundy, chocolate and so on and so forth.

16. Soft Bronze Highlights

Soft Bronze Highlights ideas 2018

A soft bronze highlight is the best subtle hairstyle that the eyes could witness. The soft bronze streaks are flawlessly positioned in sections of medium thickness, making this style wonderful for women with wavy hair. The density of bronze is made to be heavier towards the front and the lower lengths, creating a subtle wave effect. This highlight adds dimension to both light and dark hair. In this style, the perfect positioning of the bronze streaks adds the desired amount of texture in the style.

17. Intense Caramel Balayage Highlights

intense Caramel Balayage Highlights ideas 2018

This balayage covers the lower half of the dark brown hair completely with an affluent caramel shade. This color is best paired with shaggy waves and straight cut hair to give it a more radiant look. The caramel pops and fizzles seamlessly on dark brown hair.

18. Rusty Orange Highlights

Rusty Orange Highlights ideas 2018

It is the best example of thinking out of the box. The rusty orange hairstyle is a blend of part orange and part red streaks. This daring out of the box color is light-reflecting, so it will definitely make the heads turn. This style can be a launch pad for your success story on Instagram and Pinterest. But beware: This style needs a lot of upkeep and retouch.

19. Jewel-Toned Mermaid Highlight

 Jewel-Toned Mermaid Highlight ideas 2018

This jewel-toned look is bold and beautiful without being an intense ultra-vibrant punk color. This look is achieved by the wonderful work of perfection by an artist who is proficient in achieving a soft and perfectly blended look. The colours used can vary as per the choice of the user or as per the skin tone. The look is fabulous but it needs a good care and upkeep to sustain.

20. Chestnut Brown Hair with Soft Blonde Ombre

 Chestnut Brown Hair with Soft Blonde Ombré hair colour ideas 2018

Whenever there is talk about the perfect blend, Chestnut Brown Hair with Soft Blonde Ombré has a reserved seat for itself. This style looks so amazing that everyone just wants a piece of it to eat or to cherish. The chestnut brown base has been expertly blended out with soft blonde highlights towards the end of the length. This is the perfect look for someone who loves the simplicity but desires to stand out from the crowd. The sun-lit lower half of this hairstyle makes it look smooth as silk and soft as butter.

21.  Almond Biscotti

Almond Biscotti Hair Highlight Ideas 2018

It’s miraculous to see how highlights can add texture and reform fine hair. The almond streaks are incorporated in soft brown highlights that have been perfectly positioned in fine sections on dark hair. The lights are heavier towards the end of the hair. The style needs less maintenance but frequent touch-ups would act as an icing on the cake. The style’s variant can be achieved by customization and hand-painted positioning of the highlights.

22. Milk And White Chocolate

Milk And White Chocolate Hair Highlight ideas 2018

If someone asks a hair stylist about his favorite hairstyle he would definitely say his best creation is this perfect blend of milk and chocolate. This highlight is so elegant and mouthwatering that everyone just wants to eat it somehow. The dark chocolate base is blended with a milky color at the end giving the required essence to this style. The highlight is a trademark for a lady who loves simplicity in its eternity.

23.Brunette Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Brunette Pixie with Blonde Highlights

If you are looking to clinch your inner beauty the brunette pixie blonde highlight is the style for you. The short hair brings the prominence out and highlights the sharp features of the face. The high contrast between the face and hair forces the person looking at you to appraise both the face and the short highlighted pixie. It is best carried with a broad smile and a wonderful heart.

24. Purple Highlights for Black Straight Long Hair

 Purple Highlights for Black Straight Long Hair Highlight ideas 2018

The trick to rocking purple blend over straight long hair is to find the perfect shade to match your skin tone. This styling needs an expert who has the knowledge of the ostentatious mixing of colors. An expert hand can bring the required quintessence from the color treated hair.

25. Buttery Blonde Highlights

 Buttery Blonde Highlights ideas 2018

If you ever wished that you can rock with sun-kissed hair then the buttery blonde highlight has been invented just for you. The trick to master this look on dark black curls is to go for blonde tones that will closely resemble the way the sun would naturally lighten the darkness. The sun lighted highlights increases the volume of hair. This style can be guided to girls who are looking at you and would be an inspiration for them.


Highlights are the simplest way to congregate the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the natural hair color along with the subtle effect of the highlights. The highlights can accentuate your personality and boost the confidence in you. The highlight to be used can be chosen ranging from sober blonde to funky cherry red. While Cool brown shades can make you feel icy and sober, cherry red and burgundy can bring out the sassy girl inside you. The choice is entirely yours short or long hair, light or dark shades, traditional or modern look or something in between both or something having a hint of all.