Are you here to explore the coolest haircuts of 2020? Then you have hooked the right place. Today, we are going to discuss the latest and best 25 haircuts for women in 2020

Hair is an essential part that enriches the beauty. We all do a lot of things to make them look smooth, silky, shiny, frizzy, etc as per our mood. The hardcore fashion followers know that fashion comes and goes. Just like clothes, haircuts cannot be the same and it has to be changed according to mood and fashion trends. Now that we have already talked about the latest trends, you must be wondering about the new hairstyles of the year 2020 Let’s check out the list of top 25 best haircut style ideas women 2020

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1. Strong Bob: 

Strong Bob: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

It is also known as blunt bob and is rising in India. This cut is a fashion statement nowadays. Cool is more important than sexy these days. The hair texture needs to be thin and also works best on straight hair. It suits any face look and is a style statement for young girls.

2. Chandelier Layers:

Chandelier Layers: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

In 2018, beach waves were in the trend which has been renamed as chandelier layers in 2019. It not only looks perfect for long to medium length hair but is suitable for all hair types. This cut can easily be adjusted to any face type as well. The layers in this cut falls freely and precisely that adds volume and does not flatten or weigh down. You can ask your hair stylist to give long layers at the back and smooth layers to frame your face accordingly. Also, you can ask him to give long bangs that can be styled to any side of the face.

3. Long Bob:

 Long Bob: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

The best part of this haircut is that it just suits any face and any hair type. Also you can keep the length of the hair according to your suitability. Generally, bobs mean short hair that touches your ear, but now here in 2019 we get you a new style of Long bob cut. Your hair will touch your collarbone and your shoulders, means this long. It’s easier to style and manage your hair with different hairstyles.

4.  Personalized Lob:

 Personalized Lob: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This haircut has been in trend since ages, as it is easy to style and maintain. This is the best and most demanded haircut every year. Trends may come and go but lobs will be in fashion forever. This haircut suits any face and hair type. Layers and bangs generally shatter your face but this look is different from all those old looks.

5. The Shag:

 The Shag: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

People this year are demanding for shag. This cut has multi-layers and this creates a soft shape that is perfect for curls and waves. We suggest straight hair people to not get this cut. This gives volume and a lift to smooth styles. It works for every hair texture. People are fond of this cut in winters to keep their shape best in beanies and hats, rather than long shags.

6. Curly Bob:

Curly Bob: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018 We suggest people with natural curls to go with bob cuts. This is a new cut existing in 2019 and looks beautiful with any complexion girl. Bobs are popular cuts for curls and they are flattering many face types and curl patterns. Curly hair also want something different other than long and curly hair, so here we have a new haircut for them.

7. Layered Lob:

 Layered Lob: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

Layers is again in trend this year. One of the famous hair stylists from Washington said that long layers give a noticeable change for a long-haired woman as every single layer is visible properly. This cut may not be noticeable in short hair.

8. Curly Long Hair:

 Curly Long Hair: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

Curls are the latest trend in 2019. They look pretty on every face. If you have naturally curly hair then simply get your hair trimmed. However, curly hair looks good on both short and long hair and both are in trend also. Kangana Ranaut has naturally curly hair and gives a hippie look. Most of the girls love to wear this hairstyle to parties.

 9. Wavy Lob:

 Wavy Lob: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This haircut is full of lobs. It is a pretty and sophisticated haircut and you can get a cut for yourself, be it short or long according to your wish. If your hair is naturally wavy then you don’t have to take pains everyday to style them with a dryer. Make sure, not to get the haircut above the shoulder.

10. Curtain Bangs:

 Curtain Bangs: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

Well, they are easy to manage on a daily basis. Curtain bangs need very less maintenance. They are versatile and can be kept in long hair also you can pin back if you want. They can also be cut in shorter look, it is all up to you which length you prefer.

11. Layers with fringes:

 Layers with fringes: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

Layers with fringes are the trend since Priyanka Chopra kept it in the song ‘Desi Girl’. The best part is this hair cut looks good on every face and hair length type. The hair needs to be thin and smooth for the flairs. The fringes can be customized according to what you prefer and suit your face. Most girls love to wear this hairstyle in wedding functions.

12. Layer and Feather cut:

 Layer and Feather cut-: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

The feather haircut is in trend since last 2-3 years only. In this, the lower end of the hair is made to look like a feather and the top and sides are cut in layers. This haircut is best suited for women who have thin hair which adds more volume and density to the look.

13. Asymmetrical Bob cut:

 Asymmetrical Bob cut: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

Bob is a new trend for the women. Not all women love getting their hair cut in a traditional way, some choose according to fashion trends and very short hair cut. In this type of haircut, one side of the hair reaches till the chin and rest of the hair at the back and the second side is accordingly shorter in length. This look is best paired with all the western outfits and you get the confidence of looking cool. One tip: you can get your hair coloured with this cut to look party ready. Also, if you are working in the fashion industry this look is perfect for you.

14. Funky Cut:

 Funky Cut: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This is the trendiest and creative haircut of 2019. This is the fusion of a number of haircuts including, layer, bob, pixie and feather. In this type of haircut, all the hair is cut short and the two sides of the cheeks are kept with two bunches of locks which hang like uncut tresses. Girls who follow the modern trends, this cut is for you.

15. French Bangs:

 French Bangs: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This gorgeous haircut of 2019 looks beautiful on ladies with medium and short length hair. The hair texture must be soft and fine for this cut. The hairs are cut in such a way that the bangs are cut from one side which covers one side of the forehead and they are all cut in front. And rest of the hair is in layers.

16. Blunt Cut:

 Blunt Cut: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This has been in trend since ages and is definitely a simple and regular cut that is modern and stylish in every way. This cut is basically for a formal everyday office look. Just style up with the centre, side, or zig-zag style parting, whichever suits on your face. For a new look, you can also colour your hair in any tone of brown or burgundy.

17. Pixie Crop Cut:

 Pixie Crop Cut: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

A very simple hairstyle which is popular and is in trend since last two years. Pixie crop cut looks cute and pretty on teens and middle-aged ladies and needs no styling anyway. Pixie cut is itself a style and you can carry the cut in any western wear you love.

18. Soft Curls with Long Bangs:

 Soft Curls with Long Bangs: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This looks stunning on girls with medium-length hair. This cut is especially for girls with curls at the end of the hair. The hair tip is curled and the front is kept short by an inch or two. The front fringes are kept short to cover one side of the forehead. The fluffy curves that fall on the shoulder adds to the beauty. College teens can carry this look.

19. Side Bangs:

 Side Bangs: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

The best hairstyle for women with heavier and mature face. The blunt haircut is done in such a way that one side of the hair has a thicker bang. This bang covers your half face and cuts off the heavy face hiding your cheeks. This adds a drama to the cut.

20. Multi-Layers:

 Multi-Layers: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

The best option for girls with long length hair. This gives good curls and curves to the hair. Also, gives a good amount of density and volume to the hair. Any hairstyle in this cut looks pretty. It is suited for any face and hair type. In this haircut, the hairs are chopped in such a way that they form layers. The ends are just trimmed and then there are one to two inches gap in every section of hair

21. U-shaped Long feathers:

 U-shaped Long feathers: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018


This cut lets the bangs move all the way through with a U-shaped cut. The layers fall well at the ends and the curves are not too extensive. The best and cutest hairstyle for 2019. Unlike the feather cut, that could look best in thin hair. This cut looks best in thick hair and voluminous hair also.

22. Flip Layers:

 Flip Layers: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

Going to a beach party and need a haircut matching the occasion? Go for flip layers that will give the curvy and beachy waves, which is best for long or medium length hair. The curls retain a bouncy look and remains in a proper form that is bouncy and amazing in its overall way.

23. V-cut Layers:

 V-cut Layers: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

It is the cutest haircut of 2019. These can be cut in any length and texture of the hair. If you have thick and long hair, try this fashionable cut with lots of sharply angled layers in the ends. This is an awesome cut for the fair complexion. Such fun fringes are pretty for the teens and late 20’s.

24. Straight Bob with fringes:

 Straight Bob with fringes: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This particular haircut is for little ones as well as for girls with late 20’s. It is sleek, straight bob which includes some fun fringes. The cut is not so short and adds a more feminine look rather than too short bob.

 25. Irregular Layers:

 Irregular Layers: best haircut style ideas for women in 2018

This cut can be focused on girls with long hair. The hair can be chopped in an irregular manner to give the look. The layers are of random length all around. Irregular layers adds a better look with the hair moving all around where some parts are short and rest are long. The hair needs to be mixed properly all around to give it a new style. If the cut is right, the hair mixes properly and gives a stronger style all through. The cut is suited to any texture of the hair.


Above you have seen the top 25 best haircut styles of women in 2019. There are choices for all the length and structure of hair. But, being in this modern world where fashion takes over, don’t be afraid to try new and exciting haircuts. Youth is the best time for this. Woman looking for a new hairstyle in 2019 can look at this article and choose a new cut to style their hair.

When we are talking about some cute and cool haircuts we mean frizz-free look. Above all, we all need to know some latest and trendy haircuts for this year, so that we are updated with fashion and trends. The haircuts we have listed above are for little dolls, teens and middle-aged working and college-going women. During the youthful years, creativity is at its peak, the young girls take out some new haircuts which is always out of the box. If you are one of them, let us know a unique haircut which you have styled. Also, let us know did you liked the article and do give us your valuable feedback.