Choosing a perfect lip shade is a tedious and confusing task for many women. Sometimes many of us spend hours in the cosmetic stores trying to find the perfect shade which is suitable for our skin tone and accentuate our beauty to the fullest. A wrong choice of lip shade will most certainly kill the buzz of the look. For all the wonderful ladies out there, choosing a perfect lip shade is more trial and error than science. When you have to choose a perfect shade of lipstick it depends on many factors which comprise the skin tone, the occasion, and the texture of the lipstick. The same lipstick shade would not suit for all three type of skin tone, fair, medium and dark complexion skin tone. And the next important thing to keep in mind is that you have to choose the lipstick shade according to the specific occasions. For an everyday look, you should choose a subtle color lip shade in comparison to bright colors. The texture of the lipstick also plays an important role while choosing it.

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Nowadays, lip shades are available in stains, glosses, mattes etc. To solve all your confusion it is important to go through the basics for choosing the right color. For daily routine always pick the lip shade which should be slightly darker than your natural lip color. For the evening party or a bold look you can opt for a darker shade, mostly the darker lip shade color goes well with the fair skin tone colors. I am sure that all the beautiful ladies must have the stock of nude lip shades in their makeup kit. Nude lipsticks are a must for anyone who loves lipsticks. A good nude color lip shade can be more durable and will last for the whole day. You can wear any nude color to your office daily, where you have to tone things down and keep it professional. These nude lip shades go well with the Smokey eyes makeup look. However, the shade “nude” is subjective to your skin tone. This is why we have compiled the list of top 15 best lipstick shades ideas that will definitely help you to choose that perfect lip shade for your skin tone.

1. Fuchsias pink shades:

Fuchsias pink shades lipstick in 2018

The first in the list of top 15 best lipstick shades idea’s is Fuchsias pink shades. As we all know that Summer is a great season for the statement lip, and hot pink lips are such a great statement. Fuchsia is trending in this season but the important thing you should keep in mind that you should pair the look with very subtle light eye make up to compliment it best. If you are thinking to get into the outfit of pink color please don’t apply pink lipstick with it, matching the outfit with lipstick is now old-fashioned and sometimes it looks so tacky. This Fuchsia pink shades are latest in fashion and yet unique way of styling your lips. All the beautiful ladies who think that pinks might not suit them or they will give you bolder statement, try to choose the variant of pink which are little lighter in shades and are best compliments to all skin types.

2: Cherry red:

cherry red lipstick in 2018

Cherry red is the second top lipstick shade idea. Red color which defines heat has to be a hit in the summer. If you want to give yourself a little cooler look than wear it more pink or blue and if you want to look a little hot and spicy than you should choose a bolder color more towards orange. For a day look a sheer shade is great and a darker shade can be best to compliment for a sizzling summer date night. Without any doubt try to use red lipstick as a stain with a gloss for a summery day look.

3: Peach:

Peach lipstick in 2018

Peach color lip shade is adorable and is mostly loved by all the beautiful ladies. The best part of this color shade is that it suits on all skin tones. This is a color you can wear on an everyday basis. You can wear it to the office and just add some lip gloss if you are going to attend a party. This color best compliments the skin and is perfect for summers. Pair this look with nude eyes for a fresh summery look. It will not give you that bold statement but still, make your lips look pretty and sleek.

4: Orange:

Orange lipstick in 2018

I know many of us are scared of applying this orange shade because it will give you a bolder look. Orange does seem like a very difficult color to pull off but it doesn’t have to be.  If you are very shy to apply the orange lipsticks shade, try softer shades instead, Bronze Orange from Maybelline’s Colorsensational range is a real go to for a subtle orange lip. If you have gathered the courage to put this orange lip shade than you will rock this intimidating color to its fullest. Tangerine is the most popular color of the year. Try to keep your eye makeup minimal with light shades and this lipstick shade goes well with subdued shades of clothes. It is great for a night out parties and you can wear it with that little black dress to best compliment the look.

5: Corals:

Corals lipstick in 2018 Coral is the best color that suits well on every single skin tone. It is definitely the best for the summer season. A complete coral lipstick can brighten up fair skin without looking loud and a great transparent shade can make a great color for dark tones. If you have a fair skin tone, try out shades like pinker corals like Haute Melon from NYX’s Round Lipsticks. If you have a darker skin tone you can try more orange based ones, these coral shades look so tempting and YUM. Coral hue is one of the hot favourite lipstick shades for the summer season.

6: Purple shade:

Purple shade lipstick in 2018 Purple is usually the least favourite color in lipsticks but you’ll be surprised to know that how much it can brighten up your look. If you are shy away wearing this strong purple shade, you can experiment in it by picking the lighter tones of purple shade which are more towards pink shades with strong violet undertones. Those who have fair skin tones can try lavender and darker ones, more plum based shades. Why not take a dive of faith because true purple is neutral, an equal mix of red and blue, wear it right and it can suit anyone.

7: Coral pink in matte:

Coral pink in matte lipstick in 2018

This lipstick shade is one of the popular colors for fair skin. It is very good to wear for daily routine. The color is a subtle color, you can pair the look by applying dark eyeshadows and it would make your eyes stand out. It will also give you a natural look. These shades are a perfect blend for Indian skin tone, especially those who have fair skin.

8: Rich Red:

Rich Red lipstick in 2018

Rich Red is a very common and popular lipstick color and looks great on fair skin. It gives you a bold, dashing look and best compliment to fair skin women with pinkish or rosy tone. This Rich red color is never out of fashion and trends for ages. You can put matching eyeliner before applying the lipstick to give it a contrast.

9: Ruby woo Red Mac lipstick shade:

Ruby woo Red Mac lipstick shade in 2018

This is personally one of my favorite lipstick shades on the list. This is a true matte finish lipstick shade. Ruby Woo is one of the most popular colors in the US but it is equally loved and adored by all the beautiful women across the world. This is the perfect lip shade for the Indian brides, so if you have any recent plans of getting hitched you can definitely try out this particular lip shade. Ruby Woo is the Little Black Dress of makeup. This Mac lipstick shade is an essential part of the makeup kit as it looks amazingly beautiful on every skin tone and every age.

10: Black Honey lipstick shade:

Black Honey lipstick shade in 2018

This is one of the best lipstick colors. This deep, black honey only looks dark in the tube when you slide it on your lips. This lip shade leaves behind only the faintest sheer tint. This is on one of the popular lipstick shade and gives you a bolder look. It was launched by Clinique in the early seventies and still in fashion. You can wear this shade to rock the night parties.

11. Violet lipstick shade:

Violet lipstick shade in 2018 This is one very popular lipstick shade and is one of the trendings this season. The particular lip shade can be the best compliment to your winter look but you can wear it in any season to look little different from everyone around you. Wear it to rock the party at night and the best thing is you can apply a tint of it on your eyelids gracefully to look more beautiful. The is a darker shade, suits well on fair skin tones and has the perfect touch of rose to it so there is never a fear of things going gloomy.

12: Velvet Matte lipstick shade:

Velvet Matte lipstick shade in 2018

This particular shade is a rich lip color which provides your lips with a creamy and shiny look. Velvet matte lipstick has a good staying power and is one of the long-lasting lipstick shade. This lip shade is so adorable and cute and you can even wear this to your college and office without any fear of appropriateness.

13: Peach Carnation absolute lipstick shade:

Peach Carnation absolute lipstick shade in 2018

This is the prettiest product from the lovable brand Lakme. This lip shade is one of the favorite color adored by most of the women. This particular peach Carnation lipstick shade you can not only wear in college but also for everyday routine work. This color will make you look classy and trendy always. This lip shade is more towards nude shade so you can wear it on any occasion and this particular shade compliments all skin tones.

14: Bronze:

Bronze shade lipstick in 2018

This metallic Bronze shade is the salvation for all the beautiful women with dark skin tone. This particular lip shade looks elegant and is not loud. It looks attractive and doesn’t look unnatural or overdone. You can wear this bronze lip shade for the day as well as you can wear it for the evening party. However, it is advisable always to apply darker shade for night parties to stand.

15: Chocolate brown lipstick shade:

Chocolate brown lipstick shade in 2018

This is again latest in fashion and is the best compliment for both the skin tones. It looks good on you whether you have fair or dark complexion. Chocolate brown lip shade is different from copper brown. Copper brown is little lighter in shade, on the other hand, chocolate brown is deep dark. It matches the fair and dark skin tone and looks natural. If you want to look simple without putting many efforts on your makeup, try this chocolate brown shade lipstick it will accentuate your overall look. Chocolate lip shade will also make you look more trendy and classier.


There are a number of lipstick shades available but you have to choose the correct shade that works for you. Here in this article, we have compiled the list of top 15 best lipstick shades idea’s that you can look forward in order to decide that one perfect shade according to your day to day lifestyle. Few tips that you can follow to choose the perfect lipstick shade for yourself:- Always try out the lipstick in bright light. Try not to put dark eye makeup with brighter lip shades. While you are choosing the lipstick shade try to mix and match the colors. For better understanding clean one shade off and then apply the second shade.

Now we have given you a whole lot of idea’s to decide the perfect shade. It’s time for you to make your own statement and variations, choose the colors which suit you best. Keep yourself updated with new fashion trending statement and keep rocking always.