Most of us spent hours deciding the perfect magnetic eyelashes. Traditional fake eyelashes require you to get some form of glue on your lids. By use of which it can leave you with itchy, sticky eyes and unsightly globs of goop at the corners. Just note which is important to mention that applying these glue-based lashes can take what feels like an eternity. Today, there are magnetically attached options, which can be more convenient and less irritating. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we can get praised for the same.

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A lot of women those who are makeup freak and makeup enthusiasts and are very crazy about various beauty technologies, such as lengthening mascaras, eyelash growth serums, curling procedures, and lash extensions. However, the tried and the tested trick is the application of false eyelashes.

Now for the longest time, these glue-based false eyelashes have been the hype in and around the corner, but trust me that they can leave you in a rather sticky situation literally. Here, are some of the disadvantages of using regular falsies.

First, if you are newly introduced to makeup and you are not a beauty expert, strip eyelashes can be little tricky and difficult at times to apply. You need to consider the type of glue you will use and how you will use it. They also either chip off at the ends or totally fall off when your eyes well up with tears. So, it’s not a great idea to apply these on your special day.

Second, just the moment you think that everything is set and you are all glamour up, your eyes begin to itch. The glue may hold harmful chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. Also, if you wear these fake eyelashes to bed or for more than a day, bacteria can grow under the lash glue which can infect your eyes.

The next disadvantage is, the process of taking them off can be a problem. The latex-based glue is normally not as waterproof as it is with extensions. You will always require the oil-based makeup remover for this whole process. If you do not loosen up the glue before removing the fake eyelashes, you might be creating a problem by taking off them because they will get tug with your real eyelashes.

As we all know that there are some good and bad points of everything so, in this case, we have some advantages about these fake eyelashes, it is still best to look at other falsies alternatives. One of the best options for beauty fanatics is the use of magnetic eyelashes. They are attracting most of the women because they are little more practical and reusable. They are also very easy to apply because they do not require sticky glue. Overall, they can be considered as the low-maintenance version of the common glue-on the fake lashes.

Magnetic eyelashes always help you to elevate your overall look, even if you are not a glam pro. They are long lasting and can last throughout the night; whether you are attending a wedding occasion with your friends or even if you are dancing with full power. You need not adjust these fake eyelashes again and again. Once you put them on, you are all set and satisfied with how they look, it is unlikely that you will have to reset them while you are already out. As the name suggests, these lashes use paired magnet strips to set in place. One lash strip goes over your eyelashes and is usually marked with a dot or labeled with another symbol. Its pair is marked with a different symbol or colored dot, which goes directly under your lashes.

To wear magnetic false eyelashes, you need to apply your regular eye makeup first. If you are a newbie to these fake eyelashes, this is first and a very important step because as a beginner you are more likely to make a mistake during your first try. Basically, eye makeup is very difficult to apply perfectly when the lashes are already set on your lids. You do not want your fake eyelashes to become in between your way when blending your eyeshadow or putting on eyeliner. Adding up, before using your false eyelashes, you need to apply mascara also to your real inner lashes, if not the whole lash line.

Before proceeding further with the process of applying these magnetic lashes, you should know that there are two methods to do it. After you are done applying your regular makeup, the first trick is to take the top strip and place it as close to your eyelid as possible. Position it near the outer corner of your eye. You then take the bottom lash strip and set it underneath your real lashes, parallel to the top lash strip. The second trick is to position the bottom lash first, just like you would in the first trick. After following these two steps you have to close your eye to hold firmly the bottom strip. Position the top strip over your eyelashes where the bottom strip is currently held. When doing either of these tricks, you should hear a click when the magnets connect.

Many beauty experts have their own ideas and tips for using magnetic false eyelashes, most of these are based on their personal experience. One grateful tip is to use pencil eyeliner. Unlike the liquid version, this type of eyeliner does not stick to the false eyelashes. The same is true with mascara. Do not use them on your magnetic lashes. You do not want to have anything sticking to your fake lashes as that will decrease their long-lasting power. They have to be kept clean always all the time as much as possible.

Mentioned below are the magnetic eyelashes products which are the best and will definitely help you look more comfortable while wearing them. These top 15 best magnetic eyelashes products 2019 are trendy.

1. LuvLashes.Co Extensions:

LuvLashes.Co Extensions: product in 2018

If you don’t want your lashes should be made of fur, then you will definitely be going to be grateful for the silk LuvLashes.Co Extensions. They will add a munificent amount of thickness to your natural eyelashes and will create that attractive Smokey eye effect.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems about false lashes of any kind is whether or not they will actually fit onto your eyes. When you’re looking to add just a touch of glamour, this pair of magnetic lashes couldn’t be more perfect. The strips are made in a way which can be trimmed easily so that you can fit and adjust them to your specific eye shape. Simply snip between the magnetic strips, and you’re all set. The strips are made from silk and are 100 percent cruelty-free, so you can feel good about popping them on your lids.

2. Venus Visage 3-D Magnetic Eyelashes:

Venus Visage 3-D Magnetic Eyelashes: product in 2018

False eyelashes do not have any right and wrong length, this venus visage 3-d magnetic eyelashes set takes out the guesswork with its universally appealing style which only covers two-thirds of the lash line. Considering this way, your outer part of the lashes is enhanced, but this makes your real lashes still visible. These eyelashes look natural and dense.

3. Vassoul Dual Magnetic Lashes:

Vassoul Dual Magnetic Lashes: product in 2018

It is not always necessary that if you want these magnetic eyelashes you want them to look too overdone or too much over the top. We want to set these magnetic lashes because we want that natural looking lashes effect. They come with a handy applicator, which makes putting them on super easy, and look extremely natural. Plus, you can wash these lashes and reuse it anytime again, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

4. Asukala Thin Magnetic Lashes:

Asukala Thin Magnetic Lashes: product in 2018

Sometimes you want to attend an occasion that calls for dramatic lashes, and sometimes you just want to look simple and more natural. Luckily, this set of magnetic eyelashes gives you the option to play around with both. It comes with two sets of lashes. One for a more natural effect and the other one is more dramatic for night time occasions and party looks. The application of both the eyelashes is quite easy, and they come with a helpful applicator.

5. Joyking Natural Magnetic Eyelashes:

Joyking Natural Magnetic Eyelashes: product in 2018

The next in the list of top 15 best magnetic eyelashes products is again a great option for a more natural-looking pair of magnetic lashes. These are quite reasonable and comes at half price than the ones from Vassoul. Each pair is handmade and the quality of the materials is fine. It is made of soft fibers that mimic the look of natural, delicate lashes. According to some of the reviewers, this set is also great for those simply looking to fill in sparse hairs.

6. VereBeauty Long Dual Magnetic Eyelashes:

VereBeauty Long Dual Magnetic Eyelashes: product in 2018

These VereBeauty Long Dual Magnetic Eyelashes are handmade magnetic lashes and are made up of synthetic silk and super thin magnets, so they will not make you feel heaviness on your eyes when worn. The length is designed in a way which will help to cover the entire eye. While this pair is more on the dramatic side, they still look pretty natural. One reviewer said she gets “about five to seven wears” per pair.

7. VereBeauty Charming:

VereBeauty Charming: product in 2018

The delicate and subtle VereBeauty Charming will blend in flawlessly with your real lashes, so people will never guess that you are wearing false eyelashes. They have a perfect curve that opens up your eyes nicely without looking too dramatic.

8.  Aliceva Dual:

Aliceva Dual: product in 2018

The Aliceva Dual comes with two styles. One with a delicate, natural curve and the other comes with a more dramatic shape which you can wear for the evening parties. With these two styles, you can match them according to your mood, makeup style, and apparel. They’re quite the versatile set.

9. Inspirica Reusable:

Inspirica Reusable: product in 2018

Their elegant box packaging makes the Inspirica Reusable a lovely gift for a beauty expert. They have the manual of each and every detail mentioned with the instructions. The best part is that they come with high-quality tweezers with curved, narrow tips that will handle even the trickiest of plucking jobs.

10. Faith Beauty Dual:

Faith Beauty Dual: product in 2018

What makes the Faith Beauty Dual look so real is that there are varying lengths of lashes within each set, exactly like our real eyelashes have. They have the length of just 0.25 millimeter, they are the perfect eyelashes for you when you want to only divert all the attention on your eyes.

11. Big House 3D:

Big House 3D: product in 2018

When you need a reasonable way out to add all the glamour to your wow look factor, apply these Big House 3D eyelashes. As their name suggests, your eyes will really pop by putting these eyelashes. They have a very simple and natural, rounded design and plus they are lightly weighted also which will not make you feel heaviness and can stay for longer.

12. Nylea Premium:

Nylea Premium: product in 2018

If you love attending high fashion events and soirees and you just want to look your best in those events, then you need the Nylea Premium. It is available in a 32-piece set, offering you long, luscious lashes for days on end. The best part about these lashes that you can use each pair up to 25 minutes.

13. 8x Magnetic Eyelashes glue free:

8x Magnetic Eyelashes glue free: product in 2018

This magnetic eyelashes product has all the qualities you must be looking for. These eyelashes are glue and mess-free, here is the time now you can ditch those messy and glue-based fake lashes and go with our 8x brand new magnetic false eyelashes you can apply them within seconds. Save your precious time and lose the irritation of fumbling with hard-to- go glue eyelashes every morning, and we will suggest you order from a premium brand that’s trusted by millions and thousands of cosmetics users.

The second best quality of this product is that it will make you feel natural. Go and get rid of those plastic-feel fake eyelashes and go with our fur based lashes that are easy to apply, and lasts for all day long. Designed by cosmetics experts for everyday users who need to revamp their facial look, these lashes are a must-have cosmetic accessory for the modern lady. Even more, the glue-free design means that these lashes do not irritate your eyes or cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

The last and final advantage of these magnetic eyelashes is that you can use and reuse them more than once. These are the best fake eyelashes on the market right now that have been designed by makeup specialists in order to bring the professional salon experience right to your home. Go with these fake lashes that are carefully handcrafted with care, and get maximum bang for your bucks. The advantage is that you can use reuse them for up to 25 minutes after using it for once.

14. Magnetic False Eyelashes with Eyelash Tweezer:

Magnetic False Eyelashes with Eyelash Tweezer: product in 2018

Magnetic Eyelashes are made of high-level handmade ultra soft hair which will protect you from causing any irritation and itching to your natural eyelashes. The full length will cover your entire part of the eyelid. You can create the dramatic look for all day long and make yourself look glamorous with these magnetic eyelashes. These eyelashes are very handy to apply and reusable. Just make sure that you should store them properly and handle with little extra care if you want to use them again in the future. They can be used for more than 10 times. The best quality of these fake eyelashes is that they will not cause any irritation and itchiness to your natural eyelashes. The eyelashes with new designs are very easy to apply, and they are extremely comfortable to use. You can apply them within a fraction of seconds which also save your time.

15. Magnetic Eyelashes 3 Magnets LeifLea Magnetic Lashes:

Magnetic Eyelashes 3 Magnets LeifLea Magnetic Lashes: product in 2018

The last but not least in the list of top 15 best magnetic eyelashes products 2019 is 3 D Triple Magnetic Eyelashes: After infinite tests, Leif Lea magnetic eyelashes 3 magnets has been improved many times, these lashes will help you create the most glamorous look. Please carefully check the Leif Lea product that you will receive, the package has an obvious brand logo, if not, we suggest you complain to the website immediately for the replacement. The next best thing is that it will not cause any irritation because it does not come with Glue. Our magnet false eyelashes are made of high-level hand-made ultra soft hair, cruelty-free, will not cause any irritation to your eyes nor damage to your natural eyelashes. The next best thing is that these lashes are also very light weighted and comfortable to wear as they are made of fibers, soft and natural as your real eyelashes, making your eyes look more attractive, and you will not feel like you are wearing false eyelashes at all. Easy to apply and Reusable: No messy glues or adhesives required. You can apply them within a few seconds. You can use these fake eyelashes for approximately 25 times provided you store them carefully without causing any damage.

If you are not satisfied with the product then you can get an instant refund for your purchase no question asked. The idea of these magnetic eyelashes was discovered by Katy Stoka in the shower. One fine day on Saturday she had to go to attend a dinner party. While she was getting ready, she wondered if she had time to apply glue on her lashes to put falsies. For quite some time, Stoka was a successful real estate sales director but later on, she started her career as a beauty product inventor. She owns a degree on broadcast journalism from Marquette University. She also studied cosmetology at Columbia College Chicago. She lives in Miami Beach, Florida with her husband and children.

In the year 2014, stoka worked on her handmade examples. She took trips to home stores to purchase magnets and metals with the help of which she assembled and experimented. She also went to beauty shops to purchase lashes that would go with the strip. She had to make sure the idea of a magnetic lash sandwich would work. She met with so many people like chemists and engineers during her research and development stages. After two years of struggle and hundreds of phone calls and long drives to meetings, she launched her product in the year 2016 summer. The product gained a lot of positive reviews and adored by most of the women. Since then there is no look back, more magnetic eyelashes manufacturers have created their own versions. From simple natural-looking classics to fashion-forward styles, these kinds of falsies are considered a beauty product revolution.

The next important tip for you to make sure that you order the magnetic eyelashes from the right brand and from the right set for you. There are a wide variety of range and styles out there. You can choose according to your mood from classic, to the more natural-looking ones, to fillers, which are perfect if you have lash sparseness. Some brands carry bold and subtle styles. There is really something for everyone, depending on your needs and personal fashion sense.


Here, in this article, we have compiled the list of top 15 best magnetic eyelashes products which will help you to decide the perfect product you should go ahead with. Take out your little precious time to know about the wide range of magnetic eyelashes products available in the market and choose one of the best amongst these products.