Don’t you feel your makeup kit incomplete without a proper brush to enlighten your look? For this, you don’t need to hire a professional makeup artist to achieve some flawless look because a set of useful and appropriate makeup brushes can turn every woman to an artist. These makeup tools work as an extension to your hands and make a whole different version of your look.

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Here, we’ve come up with 15 phenomenal makeup brushes. Since makeup is all about expressing yourself and it is indeed not less than a supreme art.

It becomes very difficult for a woman to arrange all the different types of brushes at once. So here we provide you the best 15 brushes to your eyes on. You’ll find a bucket full of brushes for your base makeup, eyeshadow, contour, highlight and of course, your lipstick.

Let’s take this brush game to another level:



Choose your makeup brush wisely

The right type of brushes not only helps you in applying your makeup better but also allows you to be more particular and precise with it. There are a number of options and varieties available in the market so it becomes a big task to take out the right out of the bulk. So here we have come up with some easy and accurate tips and ideas about how to choose your brushes for the perfect makeup look-since, there is more in choosing the brushes than just taking a look on their sizes.

  1. If you want perfection in applying the foundation then it all depends upon the kind of coverage you are desired of. If you want to go with a full coverage foundation gal, then you should pick a brush with densely packed bristles.
  2. If you are focusing on your blush, then you must opt a fluffy brush with a smaller dome. It gives the perfect amount of color on the apples of your cheeks.
  3. For applying foundation properly, a kabuki brush is always the priority and handy that gives you a flawless, full coverage to your look.
  4. Always invest in a fan brush, if you love highlighting your looks. A loose-bristle brush is always the best choice for this purpose. It gives you so much precision and helps you in distributing the highlighter evenly.
  5. If you are a contour loving person then you should go with something short and fluffier regarding your jawline and cheekbones.
  6. When it comes to your bronzer application then your brush should be large and fluffy. It helps in distributing and diffusing the makeup product lightly and evenly .

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1. Real techniques expert face brush:

Real techniques expert face brush: makeup brushes 2018

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush helps in achieving an extremely flawless foundation type application on your highlighting points. If you ever wanted to have a natural looking and airbrushed finish, then consider your dreams fulfilled with this brush. It is meant for the multitasking purpose, so you can also use it to apply the blush and bronzer. It is also considered under most reasonably prized brushes which do not compromise with the quality.

2. Morphe m310 large soft fan:

Morphe m310 large soft fan: makeup brushes 2018

This is an award-winning fan brush. It is one of the most favourites among ladies for so many reasons. It is feathery, synthetic, light, and soft goat bristles have sufficient fullness to properly highlight your desired part. This brush has the power to apply your highlighter beautifully, without disturbing the whole makeup underneath. Haven’t you tried this magical brush yet? Then hurry up! What are you waiting for?

3. Charlotte Tilbury powder and sculpt brush:

Charlotte tilbury powder and sculpt brush: makeup brushes 2018

If you have been waiting for a perfect brush to apply the right amount of product onto your T-Zone and on your nose, also allowing you to shade the hollows of your cheeks, then your wait is over. Since Charlotte Tilbury is the solution to your problem. It can be used for perfectly applying the contour, powder, and blush onto your desired parts.

4. Bareminerals full flawless face brush:

Bareminerals full flawless face brush: makeup brushes 2018

This is a special type of flexible, fully tapered brush which delivers the natural- looking and medium-to-full coverage if used in broad sweeping strokes all over your face and jawline. The Bareminerals Full Flawless Face Brush is composed of natural fibers which work great with your powder, foundation, and blush as well. It reveals you the exact coverage what you have been looking for.

5. Tom Ford cream foundation brush 02:

Tom Ford cream foundation brush 02: makeup brushes 2018

Have you ever wondered that there could be a different foundation brush which works tremendously well with both the liquid and cream foundation? Yes! Tom Ford is the sure-fire answer to it. It is soft, it’s densely packed and also holds its’ shape nicely. You will never find any leftover streak or brush lines, so you will always end up with a smooth and flawless base to cheer. This is extravagant and if you are desired to splurge, then this is undoubtedly the right choice.

6. Fenty face & body kabuki brush:

Fenty face & body kabuki brush: makeup brushes 2018

This one is a face and body Kabuki brush from FENTY BEAUTY, which is the ultimate makeup buffing brush. It is customized in angle designing for blending both the liquid and the powder forms and formulas. This brush diffuses with the right amount of product to be used and its handle provides a comfortable control and grip. Besides, it looks super cute chic in your vanity kit.

7. Sonia kashuk tools domed blusher brush no 29:

Sonia kashuk tools domed blusher brush no 29: makeup brushes 2018

This brush by Sonia Kashuk is composed of perfectly shaped beautiful bristles for the most flawless blush and bronzer application on your face. It is very durable and will give you feeling of a new one even after some years! It is never to be counted among the insanely expensive luxury brand brushes of the malls and market.

8. A.c. 316 lip brush:

A.c. 316 lip brush: makeup brushes 2018

This is an M.A.C. lip brush which offers a controlled lipstick application. This upholds small, firm and flat fiber with a tapered tip. You will be cheered up with the retractable designs which make it really easy for you to carry your lip treat around in your purse and you will find out how versatile it is.

9. Dior professional finish lip brush:

Dior professional finish lip brush: makeup brushes 2018

If you are looking for something extravagant and luxurious for your lips, then Dior Professional Finish Lip Brush is specially designed to fulfil your desire. This is meant for précised and even application of lipstick. It is a high definition tuff of bristles which follows the curves of your lips in an accurate and fast application format.

10. Real techniques retractable lip brush:

Real techniques retractable lip brush: makeup brushes 2018

This lip brush from Real techniques needs no introduction and always matches up with your budget. It goes easy and perfect with your lipstick, lip gloss or strain with absolute precision even when you are in some hurry. It is ultra-firm and the tapered tip helps in applying color smoothly and these lines the contour of the lip with high definition.

11. Sephora collection pro angled lip #84 brush:

Sephora collection pro angled lip #84 brush: makeup brushes 2018

Are you a fan of liquid lipstick or lip-gloss? Then Sephora’s Pro Angled lip brush is made for you. It works exceptionally well on the liquid formulas. This slanted brush is formed to fit perfectly on to the contours of your lips. It also goes well with your pocket budget.

12. Eco tools eye enchanting duo brush set:

Eco tools eye enchanting duo brush set: makeup brushes 2018

Are you looking for a handy brush set? Then this one from EcoTools is the right choice for you. It includes four brush heads which are designed to shade, blend, define and add pigments into your crease, lash lines and eyelids. This is a very durable product which lasts for a longer period of time. It is also budgeting friendly.

13. Duo eyebrow brush by keshima:

Duo eyebrow brush by keshima: best makeup colour pallets 2018

This brush from Keshima is a gift to your eyebrows. This eyebrow brush is meant to groom your brows, this does wonders to your eyebrows. You can also use it with your favorite eyebrow powder and give your brows a natural-looking and fuller look. This is very reasonably available in the market. This is one of the must-have in your makeup kit.

14. Laura Mercier flat eyeliner brush:

Laura mercier flat eyeliner brush: makeup brushes 2018

This is a synthetic eyeliner brush that ensures the most précised application of colors along with your lash line. It can also be used to tightline your top and bottom lash lines effortlessly. This is renowned in working brilliantly on Asian eyes the most.

15. Tom Ford eyeshadow blend brush: 

Tom ford eyeshadow blend brush 13: makeup brushes 2018

This brush for eyeshadow from Tom Ford is an expert in softening and blurring the harsh color lines and it also brings the easy and luxurious texture to the enhancement of your look. You will absolutely love the designing of its handle which is very comfortable and balancing.



To solve your queries, the experts suggest that it is more preferable to go with synthetic brushes especially for creams and liquid foundations because such fibers are not absorbent. Hence, they will never soak up the liquid based creams or such foundations. Simultaneously, natural fiber brushes are considered best for the powder based makeup items. Since, if you are applying blush or eyeshadow, they would not get messy.

Costly makeup brushes are tending to be the worth of splurge. But someone is new to the makeup world, so she can easily go up with the middle range of brush sets and then gradually can move up onto some better and high range tools.

The most important thing to keep an eye on is maintaining your brushes by cleaning and washing them on a regular basis. Always take care while sharing your makeup brushes and pads with someone, since it may give rise to several skin infections.



Undoubtedly, makeup is an essential part of a well-groomed lady to pursuit the perfection. The dark mysterious eyes, prominent cheekbones, scarlet painted lips or shimmery glam look is achieved best with the amazing cosmetic products and equally great and friendly makeup brush kit.  In the arsenal of weapons that are said to be essential to create her killer good looks, a lady’s makeup kit stands tall and proud as well.

A fashionista who knows the reality with minute pros and cones may ditch a good product for a better one, but still, you will find her loyal to her set of makeup brushes that work best for her throughout the long fashionable journey of day and night.  So if you have a heart for beauty and your soul pines for the perfect makeup brushes and kits, then you just need to continue reading. Hope your search ends here.

1. Vega set of 7 makeup brushes:

VEGA SET OF 7 MAKEUP BRUSHES: makeup brushes 2018

This set of 7 fine and crafted brushes come in a handy brush cup holder with a easy storage. Vega has been creating quite a buzz in the Indian market of makeup and it truly deserves the credit too. These seven pieces are made up of all basic makeup techniques. They also get full marks on their versatility criteria. These brushes come in sizes ranging from the finely detailing brush to a giant powder holding brush which is just perfect for blending.

2. The porcelain crocodile makeup brush set:


This kit is known for its durability, the Porcelain Crocodile brand is bound to enthrall you with quite some years of makeup magic. It has 16 pieces set in tailor-made to suit your every kind of makeup need.

3. Inglot makeup brush kit:

Inglot makeup brush kit: makeup brushes 2018

This comes up by famous Inglot cosmetics product brand. You can easily rely upon them since; it comes from the people who know what it takes to help you look your best in anyways. Made up for basic and tricky makeup techniques, you can select this as the perfect match for your makeup.

4. The Oriflame makeup brush kit:

The Oriflame makeup brush kit: makeup brushes 2018

This can be the perfect startup kit for your collection of makeup brush sets. Specifically, this is made for longevity, you can be assured to get the long-term effective service from the brand, Oriflame. It includes five brushes for the basic purposes like as- Foundation, Lips, Blush, Powder, Eyeshadow brushes. This kit surely helps you to look your best for the events.

5. Ecotools mineral 5 pieces brush set:

Ecotools mineral 5 pieces brush set: makeup brushes 2018

This 5 piece set by Ecotools Mineral is practical and comes with an eco-friendly message. As per its name, this product is made up of the environment and animal-friendly materials. Composed of synthetic bristles, thinking green surely goes a long way with the finely crafted product.

6. Mac makeup brush set:

Mac makeup brush set: makeup brushes 2018

Elegance is the perfect keyword here. This is a 32 pieces set of exquisite brushes which you need for face, cheek and eye applications. This is encased in a smooth leather case, the aesthetics of this kit is hard to resist.

7. Body shop mini brush kit:

Body shop mini brush kit: makeup brushes 2018

If you want to gear up towards the globetrotting power woman, then a set of these 4 mini brushes come in a compact pouch for some extra protection. Hence, it is a perfect fit for your travel bag. These Body Shop sets come in a combination of natural and synthetic brushes making up a perfect pack for the makeup applications.

8. Basic cosmetic toolkit- 5 cosmetic brushes & foundation sponge:

Basic cosmetic toolkit- 5 cosmetic brushes & foundation sponge: makeup brushes 2018

A set of these 5 makeup brushes with pearly white handles and exotic black bristles are made up of synthetic fibers that aim to meet all your basic makeup requirements.