Somebody has said it correctly invest in your hair wisely it is the crown you never take off. In today’s era when we have such busy schedule, we unknowingly neglect the fact that our hair needs to be taken care of hence they also involve special notice as much as any other part of our body. Many of us feel that a bad hair day equals a bad day. If your hair is too dry, frizzy, turning grey and if there is too much hair loss you are experiencing, defiantly you start losing your self esteem and self-confidence too all the beautiful women’s share a very deep relationship between hair and self esteem it seems they both go hand in hand for them and it is manifest throughout history, even religion and philosophy.

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If you are a modern and a working women and every day you are struggling with your same old monotonous hairstyle and not been able to make yourself little different than every day at the office then it’s a high time you should pop yourself up with some innovative hairstyle and start experimenting with your hair to regain that confidence and style inside you. So just stop bothering yourself too much as perm hairstyles are so much in these days and will make you look bold and beautiful at the same time and without further damaging your hair. These perm hairstyles are so elegant and stylish to make you stand out from the crowd so this is the perfect time says hi to your new curls.

top 55 best permed hairstyles ideas list 2018




1. Medium perm hair with highlights

Medium perm hair with highlights
If you are a woman who always curious about trying something different from the usual hair you can definitely go with this idea there are many curl pattern which will go with your medium hair try this out to look a little bit sassy and classy at the same time.

2. Messy perm bob with cropped bangs:

Medium perm hair with highlights
The whole idea to get those perfect perm is depending upon your hair quality so if you have thin hair you can go with this perm idea to make your hair look voluminous and superb, every passerby will definitely notice you twice and girl believes me you will look “wow”.

3. Traditional perm :

Traditional perm

Tradition is something which will never go out of fashion and all the beautiful women are so creative in their own unique way of styling their hair, so these curls will make your hair look wavy, give your hair volume and depth and make you look stunning.

4: blonde spiral perm:

 blonde spiral perm

There is a statement in which they say “go big or go home” with these perm hair you will defiantly be going bigger. This tight and bouncy perm will make your hair look drop dead gorgeous and make you ready to rock the party all night.

5: Natural perm for Grey Hair:

Natural perm for Grey Hair

If we go with the heading it says this type of perm look quite natural this style is for them who just want to use the thin curling road to give the touch-up and make their hair look curly and natural at the same time.

6: Partial perms for fine hair:

Partial perms for fine hair

This partial perm for fine thin hair is best suitable for average medium length hair to long hair, a partial perm will curl only the end part of your hair and give you thick curls on the bottom and form a silky texture that flows into sexy curly-locks.

7: Beachy wave perms:

 Beachy wave perms

you should not always limit yourself with simple rigid curls now if you want to belittle sporty this beachy wave perm look will make you look super comfortable and you will feel awesome with this particular look.

8: Ginormous Perm:

Ginormous Perm

for this perm look just don’t be just surprised the way it is looking but if you are somebody who can take the risk to be different from the crowd you may try this look as this one is for all the women’s who are little bold and brave.

9: Burgundy short perm:

Burgundy short perm

if you want to be a fashion insta this burgundy short perm hairstyle will make you look gorgeous as burgundy is one of the most popular colours amongst all of us these days and it will make your face also glow and shiny with your hair crown on head.

10: Big mane spiral perm:

Big mane spiral perm

Spiral perms are something which will add the kind of beauty to your hair which you must be looking for the longest period of time these curls are super gorgeous and a lively texture to your hair and make them look more beautiful than ever.

11: Super defined root perm:

Super defined root perm
There is nothing more beautiful then super defined root perm they will add the volume to your hair and make them glossy and fluffy no one can resist looking at you and praise your super defined root perm look.

12: Crazy multi-textured perm:

Crazy multi-textured perm
80’s are long over. You are living in the 21st century, messy hair is trending these days plus we have all the innovative tools to make your hair look gorgeous at all point of time this crazy multi-textured perm look will we did with the help of different sizes roads and make your perm look more natural.

13: Acid perm for black hair:

Acid perm for black hair

If you are the kind who is little worried about getting your perfect perm but thought of using chemical will scare you the most then you can defiantly try this acid perm this will let you attain the perfect perm look and will not be harmful to your hair.

14: Short permed hairstyles:

Short permed hairstyles

There is a number of options for them who are carrying short hair you can rock the world in many different short permed styles and to make them look beautiful you can also use beautiful headbands and accessories will add more beauty to your hair.

15: Loose perm for short hair:

Loose perm for short hair

loose perm is so in these days and they can definitely get along with short hair and will add the volume and thickness to your hair and you can achieve that perfect loose perm for short hair look.

16: Perms for short hair:

Perms for short hair

All the professional women out there if you have short hair and you are bored to carry your old slogged look every day to the office you can try perms for short hair to make you look more beautiful and confident.

17: perm types for thin hair:

perm types for thin hair
perm types for thin hair, spiral curls will always be a good option if you have thin hair they can make your hair look voluminous and bouncy too.

18: loose wave perm:

loose wave perm
Loose wave perm is one of my favourite styles and loved by one and all this style is too common but never goes out of fashion.

19: Perms for fine hair:

 Perms for fine hair
There are many ways to style your perms for fine hair they will add the bounce and curls to your fine thin boring hair and you need not worry about styling them for a couple of months.

20: Off centre perm highlighted hairstyle:

Off centre perm highlighted hairstyle

The idea is to always get that perfect perm look and highlighting your perm will add the bonus to your perm and I bet you cannot resist yourself going out with that perfect perm look.

21: Tousled wavy black bob Perm:

Tousled wavy black bob Perm

For all the ladies who are having thin hair please keep in mind that you have to be extra careful while choosing this style and be specific with your stylist ask him for a partial perm so that it will lock your curls and will make them free for movement and will not look too stuffy.

22: body perm:

 body perm

Body perm will look good on you if you have long hair you can be very precise while choosing any kind of perm but keep in mind that you have to look best in those beautiful perms. Perming mostly has to be done on the bottom half of your hair.

23: Speck plain curl perm:

Speck plain curl perm

To turn your hair more lively and to add little drama you can choose this speck plain curl perm this will give you permanent curl and you have to maintain your curls nicely afterwards.

24: Stacked perm:

Stacked perm

Maybe you have had the same boring hairstyle for the years now but now is the time for you to come up with something new this style is too adorable and make your hair volume look to the next level with some layers cut.

25: Pin curl perm:

Pin curl perm

with the name you can easily make out the style is created with the pins and curlers and this style is most suited on medium or short hair.

26: Dynamic irregular perm waves:

 Dynamic irregular perm waves
This is such a dynamic hairstyle as you can experiment with them as much as you want anytime you style it is never the same, these perm is in symmetrical and curvy form.

27: Shoulder length blonde perm hairstyle:

Shoulder length blonde perm hairstyle

Blondes add more fun to your perm style. The fine waves fashioned by this perm and the blonde job look sun-kissed and make you perfectly ready for frolicking on the beach. Adopt this look and amaze everyone around.

28: Silver fox perm:

Silver fox perm
This look is a low-maintenance look that needs no fuss in mornings. It’s an always ready look and needs no time for preparation. This style makes you vacation ready wherein you have time to enjoy with family and friends without spending time in front of a mirror with a comb in your hand.

29: Shrinking perm:

Shrinking perm

this perm look is mainly for medium hair to enhance your look more you can go with light blonde highlights these curls in loose in starting and gets spiralled in the lower bottom.

30: Loose perm for straight hair:

Loose perm for straight hair
Few of us have that tendency to look natural even if we style our hair in a different way than usual this perm look is for all those kind of ladies these perms are thick at lower bottom parts of your hair and done with thick roads to give your hair more natural look.

31: Rough partial perm:

Rough partial perm
This is a kind of messy look you can achieve with these rough partial perm, the perm is really back with the bang if your hair has a natural wave to it tell your stylist to add layers to help with body and deepness.

32: Olaplex partial body perm:

Olaplex partial body perm
Olaplex has generally brought revolution in the perming process by dropping hair damage drastically. These partial body perms have been done on the half portion of your hair and give your hair the stunning look you must be craving for.

33: Sizzling drenched perm bob:

Sizzling drenched perm bob
As the name already defines the meaning these sizzling drenched look will make you look adorable and cute as you have a bob haircut these drenched perms will add texture to your hair and make you look more cool and sassy babe.

34: Mixed digital and cold partial perm:

Mixed digital and cold partial perm
You always want to look the best in the neighbourhood, don’t you? Well, getting this look may seem somewhat complex but the result will definitely surprise you mixed digital perm is done on the lower half of your hair and the bangs on your forehead will be icing on the cake.

35: Sultry/stifling cold perm:

Sultry stifling cold perm
We all loved the way our hair looks right after the shower and you can detain the quintessence of that look with the sultry cold spiral perm that will also give the deepness to your hair and make you feel superb.

36: Luscious body perm:

Luscious body perm
It’s a dream of every girl to have curls that succulently flow down her back. But you have to waste your one hour sitting patiently and doing it with curling road or else to achieve the look you can do your body perm to make your hair look bouncy and wavy with the depth without any effort of yours.

37: Wild/feral olaplex perm:

Wild feral olaplex perm
Every woman has a secret fantasy to look way younger than her real age and hair plays a very important role to make you look young this Olaplex perm will add a consistency and width to your hair and help you achieve that perfect gorgeous look.

38: Pounce/ swooped bangs perms:

Pounce swooped bangs perms
This one is another form of a classic look. its a time for you think beyond your imagination trying this swooped bangs perm will make you look bolder than ever and will add plenty of volume to your hair and will make your face look sharp and picky.

39: layer multi-textured perm:

layer multi-textured perm
You can create this look by getting your hair cut into layers and add multi-textured perm this look is so apt for you if you have those long blond hair.

40: Blonde classic perm:

Blonde classic perm
We all are classic in some way or other but blonde classic perm is a style which needs all the guts because it will give you that bold statement which will make you stand out from the crowd and moreover you can go for spiral or staged perm.

41: Bouncy curls hot perm:

 Bouncy curls hot perm

This perm hairstyle look will take you in 80’s where in all the actresses will have these hot bouncy perms. A hot perm with broad curling rods is definitely what you need to emulate for splendidly bouncy curls.

42: Feathery bangs spiral perm:

Feathery bangs spiral perm
This is the style for medium length hair type and if you have round shape face you can get the bangs in front to enhance your features to get the best out of this perm hairstyle.

43: Boho chick look perms:

Boho chick look perms
boho chick is the look liked by all you beautiful girls and if you too want this look you must have to have beautiful superb long hair till your waist and then girl you are so ready to have this look.

44: Blonde perm hair with thin defined curls:

Blonde perm hair with thin defined curls
Going blonde is no more a look to define your image in the society but yes this look is bold and daring look, for which you need that carefree attitude and if you have thick medium length hair you can try out this look on you.

45: A-Line perm:

This is the most popular wet perm look and to add the dramatic look you have to pair this look by wisely choosing your hair cut and it will give you the exact look you must be imagining in your dreams.

46:1920’s flapper perm:

1920's flapper perm

The messier look is liked by most of us and trending too, this edition of a style we have seen for decades now but still in the bucket list. This perm hairstyle is good for the humid climate you can show off your long neck to get that sexy statement with this perm look.

47: bobbing for apple perm:

This kind of perm hairstyle will not need much of your attention and is easy to maintain thus far very graceful style and will go well with all kind of dresses.

48: Thigh high shines perm for black hair :

Thigh high shines perm for black hair
Few popular known perm hairstyles are remembered by everyone and this perm hairstyle is one of them, looks great on black shiny long hair and stiff spiraled will definitely enhance your overall look.

49: Perfectly imperfect perm:

Perfectly imperfect perm
Sometimes its good to be perfectly imperfect and perming your hair imperfectly is too trendy this is a completely natural look basically loose curls which are great for medium short hair.

50: balayage meets perm:

balayage meets perm
You can make your perm look best if you will play with little colours this perfect look can be achieved through the highlights on the front and bottom and also brighten up your face.

51: Permed fairy:

Permed fairy
As the name is suggesting permed fairy this look is drop dead gorgeous look and will make you feel like a fairy princess the look can be mixed of blond spiral perm with the hint of tussled effect.

52: wavy perm with the chocolate highlight:

wavy perm with the chocolate highlight:
This is great perm choice if you have thick hair this is the style if you like simplicity the chocolate highlights are making this hairstyle as delicious as chocolates.

53: Mohawk perms:

Mohawk perms
This is a cool and bold hairstyle for someone who is daring and its a style for all the girls next door and this style is kickass style side shaved look creating a marvellous effect with those tight curls on top.

54: Mid-length defused perm:

Mid-length defused perm
This perm styling is for medium length hair and if you like experimenting with hairstyles you are on the right track of choosing this perm style for your hair type.

55: Loose ombre perm:

Loose ombre perm
If you are planning to go for this look than trust me this is the more comfy look and can be effortlessly maintained this is so ready to go beach look as great for thin hair to add the volume to them.


As you can see you have got all the great choices with you if you are worrying what kind of perm hairstyle is best suited for you but before getting any of these please keep in mind that your hair is also as important as any other body part they also need that extra care of yours, go and get those fabulous perm hairstyle and you are ready to rock the world with your new curls.