If you don’t prefer waxing for removing your unwanted brows hair and if waxing really irritates your skin and plucking leaves you with ingrown hair, then you should go for the ancient idea of eyebrow threading. And it may turn out to be one of the best ways for your hair removal option. Here we have mentioned few tips and tricks that you should know before and after going for eyebrow threading appointment.

Sometimes many women are so scared with the eyebrow threading process that even at the age of 22 they prefer not have a professional touch on their eyebrows. It looks weirder especially when you have thick, hairy brows. But if you will choose to go for eyebrow threading then I think it is a great idea to accentuate your beautiful face.

Eyebrow threading needs a lot of attention and involves so many factors which you have to keep in mind before and after the appointment. You should prefer threading over microblading or waxing because the reason is that it seemed less painful.

If we talk about dermatologists even they are also on board with the eyebrow threading techniques. Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine in New York City, said that the threading is one of the safest options, at least in terms of the skin, as she has seen many women getting bruises or burn after doing waxing, and mostly it harms people those who have acne problems or sensitive skin.

Threading is considered to be a safe option for those prone to post-waxing skin breakouts. Like in the tweezing, threading does not create ingrown hair and is the safer option for all the skin types. A beauty expert who is well experienced and trained has light and painless movements with the thread and skin.

In the threading process, there is a piece of thread which held in the practitioner’s mouth, and it reduces the risk of contamination because the part of the thread making contact with the practitioner’s mouth is not the same part as that making contact with the skin.” However, we should keep in mind that rare contamination can happen, but with proper preparation and aftercare, it can be evaded.

Threading is not only shaping your brows perfectly but with the procedure, it can remove unwanted hair strain also. In the threading, your beauty expert can easily remove even a single hair strain with the help of the thread but in waxing, it is not possible to remove each single hair strain carefully.

Just like you have a relationship with your dermatologist, hairstylist, and even with your dentist, you have to find someone whom you can trust especially in the case of brows threading and it is the most important thing. Before the procedure begins just make sure that you should involve yourself in an open conversation with your practitioner to discuss your desired brow shape. But, most importantly, try to relax and don’t get panic with the fact that it is going to create little discomfort to you.

The cost can be different depending on the region, practitioner, and individual needs and the pricing which they will charge is in the ranges from $12 to $40 for the eyebrow area.

Eyebrow threading is very precise and it will give your brows a perfect shape and accentuate your overall look. In the below article we have confined a list of top 10 things you need to know about eyebrow threading before and after:

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1. Threading is simple:

Threading is simple: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

Eyebrow threading is actually the same as the name suggests. A trained threading beautician twirls a thin thread which looks as same as like a dental floss and rolls it precisely over your brows to pluck the hair from the follicle. A trained will do it very carefully without causing you more pain and discomfort.  This is little less messy and it is quicker than waxing. This is one of the simplest ways to give your brows perfect shape according to your choice.

2. Threading is good for sensitive skin:

Threading is good for sensitive skin: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

A lot of women can not actually tolerate pain level which comes from waxing your brows and if you are one among them and you have sensitive skin or you hate waxing because it is quite a lot painful, eyebrow threading might be the best hair-removal method for you. Unlike waxing, it doesn’t remove any skin it is one of the safest way to remove your hair strain and good for women those who are allergic to waxing. The thread is a safer idea because it does not contain any chemicals, such as depilatory cream, which makes it one of the least insidious hair-removal methods on the market. Some women find it a little prickly, but generally speaking; there shouldn’t be any pain in the process.

3. Eyebrow threading is quick:

If you have a perfect shape of eyebrows naturally, then it will probably take 10 minutes for a perfect beautician to give for your eyebrow threading session. The best part is that if you want to feel like doing your brows urgently and you are in the middle of the office time than you can definitely visit the parlor nearby and it will take just 10 minutes of your precious time. The idea is to always do it before a day prior if you are going to attend any occasion or if you are going on a date. If you want to have your entire face done then you should go for waxing as it is one of the best possible ways which will save your time and will cause less pain on some areas of your face. The whole procedure can last up to an hour.

4. Threading is more effective than waxing:

Threading is more effective than waxing: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

When it is about comparing eyebrow threading or waxing, eyebrow threading is one of the most convenient and quickest possible ways. While highly regarded salons will have few tips and tricks in place to avert infection and when it comes to waxing like the reusing of the stick or else dipping it again and again in the same waxing pot. Sanitizing is a very important thing when we talk about waxing. Meanwhile, threading only uses one short piece of thread per person and your aesthetician should have an entire spool with her, so there’s no need to worry that it will cause infection as he or she will be using the same thread on several customers.

5. Threading gives you the precise shape of eyebrows:

Threading gives you the precise shape of eyebrows: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

The reason is that with the help of thread your each hair strain is pulled out individually in threading, your threading expert has much closer access to your hair follicles, by this process, it will be easier for him or her to develop your brow’s natural arches. One of the very important advice that you should follow is that should feel free to speak up if you are going for a particular eyebrow shape or look. As you have to research if you are going to do your brows for the first time and you can obviously discuss with your beautician if you have already decided to go for a specific shape for your brows. You should always feel comfortable communicating with your brow artist about your wants and needs.

6. Avoid makeup before appointment:

Avoid makeup before appointment: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

The next step is that you should always take care that before going for the threading appointment you should wipe out if there is any extra makeup on your brows. But yes if you are going for the appointment and you have some mascara or eyeliner it is not a big deal, but you might want to reapply your eyeliner and mascara after your threading session finishes.

7. Exfoliate before you go:

Exfoliate before you go: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

If you have an undergrowth of your hair, you should exfoliate your skin well before the threading appointment just to minimize ingrown hair after threading. Otherwise, your pre-appointment prep will probably be pretty minimal. Your hair doesn’t have to be a certain length in order to get re-threaded. If you have an undergrowth of your hair you should make a follow-up appointment two to four weeks after your starting session.

8. After appointment side effects:

After appointment side effects: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

Does eyebrow threading hurt? This is one of the most common and basic questions which generally comes from the people those who are going for the threading session that too for the first time. And the answer is no. However, the after-effects can lead to redness of skin but it is quite normal after your threading appointment, but because threading is so mild on the skin, the redness is very minimal and disappears totally within a couple of minutes.

9. Don’t put anything on your brows just after threading:

Don't put anything on your brows just after threading: things you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)

This is a very important point that you should keep in mind after the threading session that you have to wait for at least two hours before you apply any cream, moisturizers, cleansers or makeup which comes directly in the contact of the threaded area just to void catching any infection or bacteria away from open pores.

10. Avoid using a razor after threading appointments:

Avoid using a razor after threading appointmthings you need to know about eyebrow threading (before/after)ents:

Razor cut your hair at the surface which is similar to shaving. With shaving, it is not that effective because it does not remove your hair completely and it makes the hair that is left over very coarse and thick. If you are using a brow razor it can lead to undergrowth of your hair strain and also by using brow razor it has the risk of taking off too much hair.

11. Conclusion:

And there you have all the top 10 things you need to know about eyebrow threading! Have you ever gotten your eyebrows threaded? If not, are you interested in trying it? Or are you using the different ways to remove your eyebrow hair like you are using the tweezers at home?

There are different ways to remove your eyebrow hair like waxing, tweezing or lasers but the easiest mode is threading and it is considered one of the safest and most precise methods of removing your eyebrow hair, especially in the sensitive areas surrounding the eye. Threading is such a technique wherein it allows our beautician to have greater control over which hair is removed. The technique is also “100 percent natural which means that there is no chemical use in the process and there are no artificial waxes or invasive techniques used during the threading session.

In this article we have combined the list of top 10 things you need to know about eyebrow threading, I hope this will help you and will serve the purpose of delivering you the best techniques and ideas you should keep in mind when going for the eyebrow threading appointment.